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Patrick Rothfuss’ new story The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Gollancz Author: - July 9th, 2014
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Today we’re absolutely over the moon to share our cover for Patrick Rothfuss’ amazing new story The Slow Regard of Silent Things. In Pat’s own words:

It’s not book three. It’s not a mammoth tome that you can use to threaten people and hold open doors.

It’s a short, sweet story about one of my favorite characters.

It’s a book about Auri.

That’s the news. The short version. If you’d like the long version, I’ll give that below ….

And we can vouch that it is a beautiful, sweet story of about 30,000 words. And it’s all about Auri – one of the most endearing characters in the KingKiller Chronicles series.

But again, to use a few of Pat’s words: we think  a lot of you are going to like it. So here’s the cover!

Pat rothfuss

If you like pre-ordering your books, then you could have a look here  or talk to your favourite retailer. And keep an eye on the blog because we hope to do something really special with this brilliant story!

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8 Responses to “Patrick Rothfuss’ new story The Slow Regard of Silent Things”

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  2. Richard says:

    Cannot wait to read more about my second fav character Auri. When will it be available to buy?

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  4. steve says:

    I pre-ordered mine yesterday via my local indie bookstore – I encourage you to do the same. Gotta support your locals and community.

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  6. Fabi says:

    I love the cover!!! Does anyone know if (and when) it will be published in paperback? 🙂

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