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Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts is Professor of 19th-century literature at London University. His novels, SALT, GRADISIL and YELLOW BLUE TIBIA have all been shortlisted for the ARTHUR C. CLARKE AWARD. He has also published a number of academic works on both 19th-century poetry and SF.

2014: The New Fiction Selection

Continuing our peek into 2014, today we’re talking about some brilliant new fiction, and whether it’s a stunning stand alone or the beginning of an epic new series there’s something for everyone …

If its a stand-alone story you’re looking for, this is the place! So watch out for the superb Jules Verne sequel Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea by Adam Roberts charting the story of a submarine which goes on an astonishing underwater journey. Brought to added life by the … More

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Cover Reveal: BETE

When Adam first told me about his new novel he described it as being ‘the one with the talking cat’. Now this may ring alarm bells with you and a few years ago it would have done with me as well. But I have since learned not to take Adam’s pitches at face value: whatever he says his new book is about it rarely is. Well it is, but just not in the way you thought (or feared) it might … More

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Awards Announcements

Gollancz are delighted to share the news of a few award nominations and wins that have come in recently.

First of all, Jack Glass by the incomparable Adam Roberts was announced as the winner of the John W. Campbell memorial award, one of the four major US awards for SF. This follows up the BSFA award that Jack Glass won earlier this year, and makes it the third year in a row that a Gollancz book has won both … More

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The John W. Campbell Award Nominations

And the Gollancz nominations for the John W. Campbell Award are…

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Award Season

While you were off enjoying a long break, most of the Gollancz team were at Eastercon, the UK’s largest SF convention. It was a busy weekend, but the highlights were the award ceremonies.

We’re delighted to announce that JACK GLASS by Adam Roberts won the BSFA (British Science Fiction Association) award for best novel, and the cover (by Black Sheep and our marvellous Art department) won best Artwork. These are among the most prestigious awards in the UK SF … More

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