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I'm the most recent addition to the Gollancz team and assist with all things SF Gateway. As a graduate in English Literature and a long-time fan of SFF, I feel a bit like I cheated somewhere along the way by landing a job that I can honestly say I love doing. When I'm not stuck in a book (a rare thing these days, indeed), I spend my time drawing digitally and have a particular fondness of manga and anime.

Friday Reads: Sailor Moon

Gollancz Team: - August 3rd, 2012
Friday Reads


This weekend I’m going to be reading the first six volumes of the re-released Sailor Moon manga as we’ve now reached the half-way point. Having been out of print for about ten years, finding this particular series back on the shelves is very special indeed as it means I’m finally able to read, in all its glory, the source material for an anime that has been very dear to my heart since early childhood.

As far as target-audience goes, Sailor Moon … More

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