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Paul Stark has worked for Orion for five years and has been involved with Orion Audio for nearly two years after a childhood reading Terry Pratchett and Anne McCaffrey books. He fell into publishing after a Christmas selling books and eighteen months working in stripes in an American themed restaurant, so he also knows how to make balloon animals. He lives in Greenwich, where time was invented. His favourite authors are Patrick Rothfuss, Scott Lynch, Joe Abercrombie and Téa Obreht.

Friday Reads: 72 HOURS

Gollancz Team: - September 28th, 2012
Friday Reads

72 hours

It’s cold. And dark. The oxygen is running out. All around you men and vomiting, freezing, drifting between fitful consciousness and sleep. Somewhere above you a team of strangers, delayed and restricted by your own country’s bureaucracy, are desperately diving to try and get you out…

And it’s all real.

72 HOURS tells the story of a submarine accident off Russia’s far-eastern coast, leaving the crew of a tiny craft trapped in the Bering Sea. When the Russian navy’s own attempts to … More

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Gollancz Team: - September 21st, 2012
Friday Reads

It’s coming to that time of year – summer is ending, the temperature weather keeps changing from boiling hot to bitterly cold, everyone’s miserable, you have to start saving for Christmas shopping and new jumpers.

So it’s exactly the time of year I like to grab my copy of STEALING THE WAVE by Andy Martin and pretend I’m in Hawaii…

STEALING THE WAVE is a work of non-fiction that’s part philosophy, part soap opera, part tragedy and all awesome. Set in the … More

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The Sound of Whispers Under Ground

Gollancz Team: - June 21st, 2012
Audio Books, Ben Aaronovitch, Book Birthday, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror

You’ve been treated to extracts and articles in the build up to the release of Ben Aaronovitch’s third Peter Grant novel, Whispers Under Ground, and it wouldn’t be a new Gollancz release without a plug for the audio edition!

In April this year I was lucky enough to head over to iD studios to meet Ben and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, reader for the series. Kobna’s a TV pro – he starred in Sirens on Channel 4, and has recently been … More

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Patrick Rothfuss, or how I learned to love audio and stopped dislocating my shoulder by carrying really really heavy hardbacks in my satchel on my way to work…

Gollancz Team: - May 29th, 2012
Extract, Fantasy, Patrick Rothfuss

Hi, my name is Paul…

Hi Paul!

Hi, my name is Paul and I’m a Rothfuss-aholic…

Well, I thought I ought to get that out of the way early.

I started working for Orion in 2007 about 7 months before first publication of THE NAME OF THE WIND and first encountered it at the London Book Fair that year. I was intrigued and asked the editor for more details and she told me that, having taken 100 pages of the first draft home … More

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MIDWINTERBLOOD – it’s amazing what you can miss…

Gollancz Team: - May 3rd, 2012
Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Young Adult

midwinterblood jacket

Marcus has been published by Orion’s childrens list for many years now, and though I’ve dabbled with his vampire series (My Swordhand is Singing and Kiss of Death), and dipped a toe into his brilliant Raven Mysteries, I have only ever had a passing acquaintance with his writing. My work limited my reading to Orion’s adult titles, and with time for reading for pleasure at a premium I had never really given his books … More

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