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Friday Reads: Annihilation

Gollancz Team: - April 11th, 2014
Friday Reads, Science Fiction

My Friday reads this week isn’t one of our books. Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer is published by 4th Estate (and they’re to be congratulated for producing a book that looks every bit as gorgeous and mysterious as you’d want given what’s inside).

Jeff was a writer who I’d heard a lot about, an editor and anthologist whose work I was very familiar with, but also an author of novels I’d never actually managed to get round to reading. That has now changed with … More

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Friday Reads: Son of the Morning

Gollancz Team: - March 28th, 2014
Fantasy, Friday Reads

The events of the Hundred Years War would make for an extraordinary novel even if you wrote them as a straight novel. The characters were larger than life, the politicking every bit as devious as anything George RR Martin could imagine and the battles every bit as brutal. Add into the mix the angels and demons of medieval religion made real and you have an amazing story. Simon Spanton, Son of the Morning’s editor gives … More

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Friday Reads: Five Discworld Books You Must Read

Gollancz Team: - March 21st, 2014
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This Friday we’ve got something a bit different for our Friday Reads. Gollancz is pleased to welcome a guest blogger Scott Malthouse.  Scott tackles the question of the five Discworld books you must read. 


There are few authors that have such a vehement and devoted fan base as Sir Terry Pratchett, and for good reason. His Discworld books are laced with social satire, ingeniously disguised in fantasy garb. Pratchett’s sparkling wit and moreish writing has entertained a generation, including … More

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Friday Reads: The Copper Promise (reviewed by Den Patrick)

Gollancz Team: - February 28th, 2014
Den Patrick, Fantasy, Friday Reads, Guest Post

Today we have a special Friday Reads from our author Den Patrick, who is doing an event with Jen Williams in March (details below). We thought it only fitting that The Copper Promise be reviewed by Den in preparation for what promises to be a great event. 

The Copper Promise by Jen Williams

I first bumped into Jen at an SFX weekender years ago and recognised her as ‘that self-publishing lady from Twitter.’ It’s been fun watching … More

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Friday Reads: Valentine’s Day Edition

Gollancz Team: - February 14th, 2014
Fantasy, Fiction, Friday Reads, Leigh Bardugo

Happy Valentine’s Day (or Friday, if you prefer) from all of us at Gollancz Towers.

This Friday we thought we’d share with you what the team will be reading this Valentine’s Day. *Warning, most of these are not really Valentine’s Day themed*

Gillian: Today is a manuscript-submissions days for me, so it’s not so much Valentine’s Day as an evening of publishing speed-dating. I have all kinds of manuscripts to take a look at: adventure, noir, mystery and there might … More

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