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Happy Dragon Day (Happy Saint George’s Day)!

Gollancz Team: - April 23rd, 2014
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Happy St George’s Day. To celebrate Team Gollancz are sharing our favourite dragons with you. What’s your favourite dragon? Have we missed him/her off our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Gillian: For me, the best dragon of all time is Chrysophylax from the brilliant story Farmer Giles of Ham by J. R. R. Tolkien, about a farmer who accidentally becomes a hero – and is then asked to take on a dragon! It’s a … More

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Gollancz Team: - April 15th, 2014
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I was delighted to hear that classic game ELITE was making a comeback this year, and even more delighted when I learned that Gollancz would be publishing a trio of tie-in novels. But what is thing you call ELITE, you cry? You mean you don’t know?!

Well, I had a similar reaction from some of m’learned (or not) sales colleagues, so I put together the following to help them sell it in…

Morning all,

It has come to my attention that some of … More

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Fantasycon 2014: A guest post from Sophia McDougall

Gollancz Team: - April 2nd, 2014
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We’re delighted to host a guest blog piece from the author and convention organiser Sophia McDougall today, talking about conventions. Are they the life-blood of the genre, or are they something for Other People? Have you been to one? . . . and are you thinking about coming to FantasyCon 2014? Over to Sophia!

I’m co-chairing FantasyCon 2014. The convention will run 5th–7th September, in the Royal York Hotel, situated, perhaps unsurprisingly, in York. Our guests of honour are Kate … More

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Exciting News from Gollancz

Gollancz Team: - February 5th, 2014
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We are delighted to announce that Gillian Redfearn is promoted to Publishing Director of Gollancz, with immediate effect.  Since becoming Deputy Publishing Director in 2013 Gillian has done an outstanding job in bringing better focus and organisation to the Gollancz list.  In her new role, Simon Spanton (Associate Publisher), Darren Nash (Digital Publisher), Marcus Gipps (Editor) and Charlie Panayiotou (Editorial Manager) will report to Gillian, while Emily Lunn (Editorial Assistant) continues to report to Darren.

Gillian will continue to report to … More

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2014: The Continuing Series

Gollancz Team: - January 10th, 2014
Ben Aaronovitch, Gavin G. Smith, Kristen Britain, MD Lachlan, Michael J. Ward, Nalini Singh, News, Other, Stephen Deas

In the last of our series of sneak peeks at Gollancz’s 2014 schedule, our focus turns to ongoing series. We’re thrilled as always to have so many authors and series returning, and the books below are all eagerly awaited by their fans. If you haven’t tried any of these series yet, you’re missing out!

Metro 2034

Metro 2033 – the novel on which the best-selling computer game was based – has been a sleeper hit for … More

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