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Justina Robson’s ‘Five Things About Your Work In Progress’ (SPOILERS!)

Gollancz Team: - June 30th, 2014
Justina Robson, Science Fiction

In March of next  year we’re publishing Justina Robson’s new book The Glorious Angels. I’ve just finished editing the book and had talked to Justina telling her how excited I was by it – it’s strange, original and compelling. And quite brave I think. Justina is one of the most skilled and thoughtful of the current generation of SF writers and I’m really proud and thrilled that we’re publishing this new novel from her. So when I … More

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Have You Heard? I Am Legend . . .

Gollancz Team: - June 25th, 2014
Events, Horror, Masterworks, Science Fiction

At the end of last month, we were pleased to note that BBC Radio 4 would be airing a new two-part adaptation of Philip K. Dick‘s seminal Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? as part of their Dangerous Visions season.

Now, BBC Radio 4 Extra will present a two-part audio reading of Richard Matheson‘s … More

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Gollancz delights in the rich visuals of a stunning space opera debut

Gollancz Team: - June 19th, 2014
Acquisitions, News, Science Fiction

Gollancz, an imprint of the Orion Publishing Group, is delighted to announce the acquisition of UK and Commonwealth rights to a wholly originally series by an extraordinarily talented 27 year old first-time writer with a degree in fine art, Thomas N. Toner.

THE PROMISE OF THE CHILD is a stunning feat of imagination – set against the epic scope of that backdrop ranging from 14th-century Prague, to a lonely cove near the Mediterranean Sea, to the 147th-century … More

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Elite: The Dark Wheel by Robert Holdstock*

Gollancz Team: - June 16th, 2014
Elite: Dangerous, Guest Post, Other, Science Fiction

*We are delighted to replace the original blog post with this update, corrected by eyewitness and participant – the marvellous Malcolm Edwards, who is a LonCon Guest of Honour – to some of the events cited within. The first two people to correctly identify all of the corrections will win copies of the new Elite novels when they’re published in physical form in Autumn 2014.

The original Elite, released in 1984, was one of the reasons I became a fan of … More

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Your Friendly Reminder: Androids and Electric Sheep in Two Days . . .

Gollancz Team: - June 13th, 2014
News, Philip K. Dick, Science Fiction

Just a quick and friendly reminder ahead of the weekend that, as mentioned a couple of weeks ago, BBC Radio 4 will be airing a new adaptation of Philip K. Dick‘s seminal Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? this Sunday at 15:00.

This new adaptation is part of BBC Radio 4‘s Dangerous Visions season; it stars More

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