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Another Update On The Gollancz Open Submissions

Gollancz Team: - August 8th, 2016
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As many have noticed the two-month deadline  we set ourselves for responding to all submissions has passed.

We are truly sorry about this as we have been trying our hardest to get through  them, but there are just not enough of us to go through them quickly and still give each one the care and attention we feel we should. That’s the bad news.

The good news is we have finished the first round of submissions. This means we have looked at … More

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Update on the Gollancz Direct Submissions

Gollancz Team: - May 19th, 2016
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First, of all, thank you for your patience!

Second, we hope you have just a little more left in you and ask that you bear with us for a little longer.

Gollancz’s direct submissions period was an outstanding success in numbers terms with around 1800 submissions received in the three weeks we were open. However, this success has translated into a rather longer sorting and reading period than we’d initially estimated. Which is why we appreciate your patience!

If you’re wondering how … More

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