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Why you should all be reading Outlander

Gollancz Author: - May 27th, 2014
Competition, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction

Calling all Outlander fans, we’ve got a special guest post from our sister imprint, Orion. If you’re a fan of the series you know that the next installment Written in my own Heart’s Blood is due out on the 10th June. Not sure what  Outlander is about? We’ve got a blog post from non-fiction editor, Jillian Young who loved these series long before she joined Orion! Here are the reasons why you should be reading Outlander right … More

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Friday Reads: #ThisBook Edition

Gollancz Author: - May 23rd, 2014
Events, Fantasy, Fiction

We’re doing something a little different this week for our #FridayReads. We’re joining in the celebrations for #ThisBook run by the Bailey’s Women’s Fiction Prize. The campaign aims to find the novels written by women which have most impacted the nation, and is inviting people to cast their vote via Twitter. You can find out more by visit the #ThisBook website here.

So, today Team Gollancz will be sharing the books that most both on impacted us here on … More

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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Reading IN DARK SERVICE Right Now!

Gollancz Author: - May 22nd, 2014
Digital Deals, ebooks, Extract, Stephen Hunt


Today is your last day to download the e-book copy of the incredible In Dark Service for just £1.99. In addtion to sharing the first three chapters with you here on the blog we’re also sharing the 5 reasons why you need to download this book right now:


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Gollancz Author: - May 22nd, 2014
ebooks, Fantasy, Nathan Hawke

Last year Gollancz published three short, brutal novels featuring Gallow, a fighter from a not-un-viking-like culture with a strong sense of justice and a big axe. Having decided to remain behind in the land he and his comrades invaded and ravaged, as the first book (GALLOW: THE CRIMSON SHIELD) begins he’s just about managed to carve out a life of peace for himself, despite the distrust and suspicion of his new village. But then he learns that his … More

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Cover Reveal! Mythago Wood Fantasy Masterworks 30th Anniversary Edition

Gollancz Author: - May 20th, 2014
Cover Art, Cover Reveal, Fantasy

Some time ago – in the uncomfortable vicinity of twenty-five years, in fact – I was meeting some friends in a pub (yes, yes, I know: plus ça change!). Because I habitually associate with erudite dipsomaniacs, the topic turned, sooner rather than later, to what we were reading. My friends were currently in the middle of an eclectic range of books – military non-fiction, 18th century history, space opera, the latest popular science book – and then the … More

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