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Gollancz Author: - February 3rd, 2015

Because we wanted it! Because you demanded it! Because . . . well, because it’s long overdue . . . we are delighted to present a full list of current SF Masterworks for your reading and collecting pleasure.


Earth Abides
George R. Stewart

The Demolished Man
Alfred Bester

The Dispossessed
Ursula K. Le Guin

The Sirens of Titan
Kurt Vonnegut

Behold the Man
Michael Moorcock

Man Plus
Frederik Pohl


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The aliens are here: Introducing Something Coming Through

Gollancz Author: - February 2nd, 2015
Extract, Paul McAuley, Science Fiction

In February we’re thrilled to be publishing the latest novel from Paul McAuley, Something Coming Through. Paul has been with Gollancz for many years now, and has consistently produced some of the most exciting, awe-inspiring and frankly brilliant SF. His new book is all of those things, but also marks a bit of a new direction for Paul. It’s partly set in a very recognisable London (although there are some very important differences to the city we … More

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Bookseller by Day, Novelist by Night.

Gollancz Author: - January 29th, 2015
Author Post, Den Patrick, Fantasy

Bookseller by Day, Novelist by Night. Which is to say, “a lie”. I’m a morning writer. Give me a cup of coffee, an eight o’clock start, and four uninterrupted hours of writing time. These days I cram in an hour and twenty minutes and then commute to the day job. I spend a lot of time at work asking people to swap shifts. Fortunately they’re very generous and good natured about it. I write on a battered MacBook Air. The … More

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Cover Reveal: Crashing Heaven

Gollancz Author: - January 27th, 2015
Al Robertson, Cover Reveal

We’re delighted to be able to exclusively reveal the cover for a superb SF debut that we’re publishing in June.

Crashing Heaven by Al Robertson is a thrillingly dark, bitingly witty post-cyberpunk thriller that reminded me of the excitement of reading Neuromancer for the first time. With an AI that appears as a (completely terrifying) ventriloquist’s dummy and corporations that have literally become gods this is an update on cyberpunk’s key themes that is as entertaining as … More

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Why our alien invasion story is better than all the others

Gollancz Author: - January 21st, 2015
Gavin G. Smith, Science Fiction, Stephen Deas

The Gollancz Blog is delighted to welcome Gavin G. Smith back to the blog with a special guest post on alien invasion stories. 

(Optimus Deas, as my co-author Stephen Deas is now insisting on being addressed, begged me not to call it this.)

(Warning: there will be exclamation mark abuse. There will, however, be no discussion of the Transformers movies because there aren’t enough exclamation marks!)

It started with Star Wars. So you make a massive world destroying … More

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