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2014: A Year in Masterworks

Gollancz Author: - January 7th, 2014


So here we are again.  The new calendar is on the wall, clock has been re-set and a brand new year stretches before us like . . . a great big, stretchy yearie thing, as a certain former-Alaskan governor might well say. It’s a bit daunting to have a whole twelve months staring one down, so let’s make life a little easier by breaking it up into handy month-sized chunks and telling you what you can expect in … More

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The Boy with the Porcelain Blade cover is revealed!

Gollancz Author: - January 7th, 2014
Cover Reveal, Den Patrick

Meet the boy with the porcelain blade.


I knew that Den could write. He’d layered the seemingly simple premise of the Orc, Elf and Dwarf War Manuals with a mischievous wit, a rich world, a sparklingly original background myth and a prose style that adapted itself to different demands and voices. So I really shouldn’t have been surprised at just how good his first novel turned out to be. And The Boy With The … More

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Debuts of 2014

Gollancz Author: - January 6th, 2014
Den Patrick, Edward Cox, Gollancz Geeks, John Hornor Jacobs, Jon Wallace, News, Other

New Year, new author. Well five new authors in fact.

We thought we’d kick off 2014 with a brief introduction to the five authors we’re proud to be bringing to you for the first time on the Gollancz list this year. Whether you like SF thrillers, high fantasy, epic fantasy with a sharp twist, time travel stories, or fantasy cities we’re sure we’ve got something for you with a crop of five writers writing their first novel for Gollancz. Each writer … More

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Gollancz

Gollancz Author: - December 20th, 2013
Seasonal Posts

Well, that’s pretty much it for Team Gollancz – the last few mince pies are being eaten, the robot has passed out in the corner after one too many glasses of prosecco, and the elves are shooting arrows at anyone who thinks they’re helping Father Christmas. Many thanks to all of you who’ve supported us over the year, be you author, agent, publisher or (our favourite) reader. We’ve published some pretty great books, although we say so ourselves, and next … More

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A word from John Meaney

Gollancz Author: - December 19th, 2013
Author Post, Guest Post, Science Fiction


Happy Publication day to John Meaney and the final book in the Ragnarok trilogy, Resonance. John has written about creating the world and writing the trilogy for us below. 

Imagine you’re an ant. What does your world look like? Feel like? Taste like? What do you make of the vibrations caused by those bipedal giants as they go about their unknowable business?

More… You are a hive creature. Among your kind, in your nest-city, you inhabit a semiotic richness … More

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