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Cover Reveal: From Darkest Skies

Gollancz Author: - February 7th, 2017
Cover Reveal, Extract, Sam Peters

We’re delighted to reveal the cover for FROM DARKEST SKIES, from new author Sam Peters. The striking image was created by the wonderful people at Blacksheep and we think you’ll agree looks rather chilling.

FROM DARKEST SKIES is a high-concept science fiction thriller wrapped around a love story, a man’s search for the truth about his dead wife, and his relationship with the artificial intelligence he has built to replace her. Set in a future where the aliens came, waged … More

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Read an exclusive extract from Blood Upon the Sand

Gollancz Author: - February 3rd, 2017
Bradley Beauilieu

We can’t wait until the publication of Bradley Beaulieu’s Blood Upon the Sand, out in bookshops and online on the 9th February. We’re celebrating exclusive extract was selected by the author. Are you ready to return to the ancient walled city of Sharakhai, home to the Twelve Kings and join Çeda on her quest?

Çeda, an elite warrior in service to the kings of Sharakhai, is learning their secrets even as they send her on covert missions to further … More

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Cover Reveal: Skitter

Gollancz Author: - February 2nd, 2017
Cover Reveal

We’re delighted to reveal the spidery goodness that is the cover for SKITTER, the second book in Ezekiel Boone’s tale of the world overrun by flesh-eating eight-legged monstrosities. THE HATCHING was terrifying – but there are more spiders coming, and the world is not prepared…

Warning – not for arachnophobes.

SKITTER will be available in hardback, ebook and audio download on the 27th April 2017.

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Same War, Different Enemy: A Guest Post by Greg Bear

Gollancz Author: - January 31st, 2017
Greg Bear

TAKE BACK THE SKY is the final book in Greg Bear’s adrenaline-fueled military SF trilogy WAR DOGS and Greg has joined us to talk about the act of writing about war.

Finishing a trilogy is nearly always an exhausting process. Bringing the characters we’ve followed for two books,  and grown attached to (I know I have) along through more tough times, just wears me down – but obviously, the theme of these novels is war, not happiness, and that … More

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Cover Reveal: Silver Silence

Gollancz Author: - January 31st, 2017
Nalini Singh

Hello, is this the smouldering cover reveal you’ve been looking for? Yes, it’s the STUNNING cover for the latest title in Nalini Singh’s bestselling Psy-Changeling series, SILVER SILENCE. This title heralds a new era for this incredible, sexy series: The Psy-Changeling Trinity arc starts here. We are beyond thrilled with this sparkling cover, and (though of course we say so ourselves) it looks like an excellent start for the next adventures in the Psy-Changeling universe. We’re ready!


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