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The Greater Fantasy- a guest post from A J Dalton

Gollancz Author: - April 17th, 2014
AJ Dalton, Fantasy

Gollancz is thrilled to welcome A.J. Dalton back to the blog. AJ Dalton looks at the greater fantasy and discusses the different mythos  behind many great fantasy epics.

‘Fantasy’s just made-up stuff, though, isn’t it.’

Ah, if only it were that simple, it would be far easier to write. Let’s think about it for a second. Did Tolkein simply make it all up? Or did he, as a Professor of Anglo-Saxon, manage to distill a lifetime of research and knowledge into … More

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Interactive fiction – we’re with the cool kids now

Gollancz Author: - April 17th, 2014
Fantasy, Michael J. Ward

Destiny Quest

We’re delighted to welcome Michael J. Ward back to the Gollancz Blog! Today we’ve got a special blog post to celebrate the publication of Destiny Quest: The Eye of Winter’s Fury

Sometimes, a gamebook can be a hard sell to people. I know – I’ve stood in front of countless groups of surly teenagers at various book signings, trying to ignore their frowns and body language that says ‘oh em gee – hashtag nearest exit, please?’ as I … More

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Son of the Morning: Chapter Three

Gollancz Author: - April 16th, 2014
Extract, Fantasy, Mark Alder

This week we’re delighted to bring you the next chapter in our book of the month Son of the Morning. If you missed our last  posts you can catch up with prologue and chapter one here and chapter two here. 

Return to Mark Adler’s glorious world of angels and devils. Click here to read Son of the Morning Chapter three .

Son of the Morning is published on 17th April 2014. 

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Meet the residents of Midnight

Gollancz Author: - April 15th, 2014
Charlaine Harris

Midnight Crossroad hiresWe’ve headed back to the town of Midnight to bring you some incredibly exciting news! We’ve got the amazing Midnight Crossroad trailer to share with you as well as an exclusive sneak peek at the first four chapters!

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Gollancz Author: - April 15th, 2014
Elite: Dangerous, News, Other, Science Fiction

I was delighted to hear that classic game ELITE was making a comeback this year, and even more delighted when I learned that Gollancz would be publishing a trio of tie-in novels. But what is thing you call ELITE, you cry? You mean you don’t know?!

Well, I had a similar reaction from some of m’learned (or not) sales colleagues, so I put together the following to help them sell it in…

Morning all,

It has come to my attention that some of … More

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