Paul McAuley reviews Hugo

The conjunction of ‘family friendly’ and ‘3 D’ is not auspicious, even if the film in question is directed by Martin Scorsese. But from the first shot, a kind of reversal of the famous flying scene in Peter Pan, with the viewpoint swooping over the crowded and crooked roofs of snowy, early 1930s Paris, ducking under the eaves of the arched canopy of a railway terminus, and closing in on the eye of a boy peering through a chink in a clock face at the bustling life below, Hugo establishes itself as a triumphant and lovingly crafted work imbued with…


Brandon Sanderson Discusses the inspiration behind The Alloy of Law

Want to know the inspiration behind The Alloy of Law? Curious about the latest Mistborn book? We thought so. We recently asked Brandon Sanderson to tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind The Alloy of Law.

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RIP Anne McCaffrey

Gollancz is very saddened to hear the news that Anne McCaffrey has died, aged 85. Her true achievement was her writing. Her books will be read and reread for years to come, as people grow up and are introduced to her deceptively-easy-to-read writing style and her astounding imagination. We all know of the Pern books, of course, and they have become part of the folklore of SFF. But it is worth remembering how radical and complete her world was. From the very first book we are given hints that this is not a typical fantasy world, that despite the medieval…