Update on the publication of The Republic of Thieves

Well, the months have rolled around faster than anyone could quite credit and we find ourselves in 2012 and still without that final confirmed delivery of the completed draft of Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves. Sadly those who expressed their doubts have been proved right and we’re now forced to move the likely date for Scott’s publication into the Autumn of this year.

Scott is still facing up to his issues and we’re still having to face up to the wait for his book. I know which I’d rather be dealing with.

So, we send our apologies to you and our very best wishes to Scott. Thank you, on his behalf, for bearing with us. And in the meantime, of course, (and to take some of the pressure off Scott) there are plenty of other wonderful books to be reading until The Republic of Thieves does make its appearance.


I find myself the Associate Publisher of Gollancz with no clear idea of how I got here but fairly sure I enjoyed the journey. There was some college, a lot of bookselling and a bit of marketing along the way but that was a long time ago. I’ve been editing since 1991. I’ve always read SF, Fantasy and Horror but I’ve always enjoyed reading other stuff as well. I’ve published other stuff too but never had as much fun doing it as I have publishing genre books. I’m very happy doing what I’m doing; to the extent that I’ve been comprehensively ruined for doing anything else. Anything else may have got off lightly. I’m definitely more Arthur Dent than I am Takeshi Kovacs. But then if anyone in publishing tells you they’re like Takeshi Kovacs they are LYING.
  • Katharine

    A shame of course, since the series is so fantastic (and I’m beyond eager to see what happens next!) but I’m sure the wait will be worth it. Best wishes to Scott, and I hope he’s feeling better soon.

  • James M

    Sad news, in part because Scott’s work isn’t out there to enjoy, but even sadder that he’s still suffering like this… I have confidence he get get back to a place where he feels comfortable being able to put himself out there, because he is such a bright, witty and talented guy he is sorely missed… In the meantime, he should take whatever time he needs to be able to live his life the way he wants to. Credit to the people at Gollancz who appear to be very supportive with this – it should be expected, but people don’t always get treated this way.

  • Please pass on our best wishes to Scott. I’m eager for the book, but more eager for his recovery. (And thank you all for being so supportive of him as well.)

  • Matt

    So dissapointing after such a promising beginning. Scott Lynch seemed poised to be one of the premiere names in the genre not so long ago. His twin Abercrombie is already at work on a 6th book now. Such a terrible shame.

    Get well Scott.

  • Thank you for the update. Even it is a sad one. Best wishes to Scott Lynch.
    In the meantime I follow Simon’s advice. I will enjoy all the unread books on my shelf.

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  • DannyBoy

    Interestingly enough, if one were to check wikipedia’s page about Republic, it says quite surprisingly September….2013.

    Now, this being wiki, take what you read with a grain of salt, large or small depending on what it’s about, but it is still rather interesting. Within 4 months, the release date has, potentially, changed to a year later?

    So, is there any truth to this?

    • Marcus

      Hi DannyBoy

      I don’t know where wikipedia has got that date from – possibly one of Scott’s other publishers? – but we still have it in the schedule for the end of this year. However, as Simon explained in the post, we haven’t received the completed manuscript, so no date can be considered ‘confirmed’ until we do.

      As always, our main concern is for Scott, and we know that when it comes the book will be brilliant. As soon as we can confirm, believe me we will!


  • Matt

    All the best to Scott I hope he is feeling better soon – love your gentlemen bastard sequence and the amazing twists in plots and scams have blown me away every time – will wait as long as it takes for the next episode to discover what Locke and Jean are up to.
    All the best
    PS Waterstones Booksellers UK also have the release date as September 2013

  • NotACat

    You’ll be happy to know that I’m fixing the Wikipedia page now: that “autumn 2013” is claimed to have been sourced from this very article, so I have no compunction about correcting it 😉

    Obviously if there’s a better source, particularly now that we are kind of bumping up against “autumn 2012”, that would be appreciated!

  • steveshark

    Amazon says July 2013…so, not quite autumn 2013, but not all that far off.

    • Tim

      Yeah, well now Amazon says May 2014. The book will be ready when it’s ready. I just wish there’d be a new update or blog post every 6 months, even if it just said: “Nothing new to report.”

  • Tim

    Like now. February 13, 2013. Nothing new to report.

  • Amazon is saying July 13th again. Is this a confirmed date, or should I presume Amazon is simply auto-updating with random numbers? I’m presuming it’s not an official date, otherwise there would be great cheers of delight and this blog would be on fire. 🙂