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Gollancz Team: - May 31st, 2012
Fantasy, TV shows

So I was watching Merlin the other week – specifically, series one (Yes, I know I’m very far behind. I only just finished Battlestar Galactica. Don’t hate me). And there was one episode in particular – the one where they all go back to Merlin’s village and Arthur leads the defence against some evil robbers led by the bloke from Deep Space Nine – that reminded me of something. It took a couple of days, but I suddenly realised that the plot was a very clear echo of an episode of a series from 1956.

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Gollancz Team: - May 30th, 2012
Book Trailer

Gollancz is pleased to bring you the trailer for the upcoming LADY OF THE SHADES which is published on our sister imprint Orion! LADY OF THE SHADES is a twisted supernatural thriller for grown ups from bestselling YA Horror author Darren Shan with the darkness of John Connolly and the quirkiness of Neil Gaiman.

We’re so pleased that we have a very special competition to share with you. Want to get your hands on an early reading copy of LADY OF THE SHADES? Watch the trailer and the send the answer to this question: In the soundtrack what could change the singer’s mind? To: competitions@orionbooks.co.uk by 11.59 on 13th June for your chance to enter

Good luck!

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Introducing THE GATHERING DARK Book Trailer

Gollancz Team: - May 29th, 2012
Book Trailer, Fantasy, Young Adult

I know I’ve been shouting about THE GATHERING DARK for what feels like a long time, but it’s a book that deserves to be shouted about. Loudly and often. This is the perfect YA crossover book. Filled with romance, intrigue, fantasy and a world that is so rich and epic you can’t wait to return to it long after the last page is turned (there’s a sequel out next year—thank goodness!). but don’t take my word for it, watch the trailer and you can enter to win a free copy of THE GATHERING DARK! We have five copies to give away!

Watch THE GATHERING DARK trailer and answer this question: How many times does The Darkling appear in the trailer? Send your answer to: competitions@orionbooks.co.uk with the subject line: THE DARKLING by 11pm on the 6th June 2012.

Now, without further interruptions, I’m very pleased to be able to share with you the trailer for THE GATHERING DARK.

Intrigued? Read the first four chapters here.

THE GATHERING DARK is out now from our sister imprint Indigo. Pick up or download your copy today.

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Patrick Rothfuss, or how I learned to love audio and stopped dislocating my shoulder by carrying really really heavy hardbacks in my satchel on my way to work…

Gollancz Team: - May 29th, 2012
Extract, Fantasy, Patrick Rothfuss

Hi, my name is Paul…

Hi Paul!

Hi, my name is Paul and I’m a Rothfuss-aholic…

Well, I thought I ought to get that out of the way early.

I started working for Orion in 2007 about 7 months before first publication of THE NAME OF THE WIND and first encountered it at the London Book Fair that year. I was intrigued and asked the editor for more details and she told me that, having taken 100 pages of the first draft home … More

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Discovering Destiny Quest day 5 – Exclusive Cover Reveal of The Heart of Fire

Gollancz Team: - May 25th, 2012
Cover Reveal, Fantasy, Michael J. Ward

So I hope you’ve enjoyed our Week of Destiny, and that the various bloggers and reviewers have convinced you to try The Legion of Shadow out. It really is a remarkable book. When I was pitching it to the publishing meeting, I came up with a list of people who might be interested in the series:

Fantasy fans

Computer gamers, especially World of Warcraft and other MMOs

Role Players & Board Gamers

People who fancy a bit of role-playing or board gaming, … More

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