Happy Publication Day to THE RED KNIGHT!

Today is the day! The Red Knight has been released onto a book shelf near you. If you’re looking for an epic story packed with flawed, fascinating characters, battle, mayhem and to feel the heat of battle for real, then look no further. Wyverns will be fought, nuns will be wooed, honour will be defended and wars will be won or lost on the back of astonishing feats of arms . . . or a single, brutal act of betrayal.

Miles Cameron is an accomplished new voice in the fantasy genre, and brings with him the very best kind of magic: that of a great story, compellingly told.

Visit us all next week when we take you behind the scenes of The Red Knight with a week long sneak peek of the first four chapters and an exclusive giveaway. We’re so good to you!


Gillian Redfearn is the Deputy Publishing Director. She joined the team in 2004 and isn't sure she's left the office since. She loves travel, challenges and good fantasy novels, hates being bored and is largely ambivalent about chocolate. When not working in the Gollancz Dungeons she reads, practises archery, knits, conducts a never-ending war against her garden and doesn't spend enough time in the gym . . . You can follow her on twitter: GillianRedfearn
  • Naqish

    any news of an audio version?