Cover Reveal: Steelheart

Today we’re delighted to be able to show you the new cover for Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson.

This is the launch of a fantastic new series from Brandon that will run alongside the epic fantasy that we’re hoping will become a whole new benchmark for epic fantasy; The Stormlight Archive.

Steelheart is a gripping tale of revenge and justice set in a terrifying world where the Epics, a small cabal gifted with superpowers, are ruling us. Democracy is little more than a memory, society teeters on the brink, we are little more than serfs to modern=day feudal barons.

But there is one group, the Reckoners, who are fighting back from the ruins, taking on the Epics. But do the Reckoners have any space in their ranks for a young man bent on a personal quest: to kill the Epic who killed his father?

The artist who has brought this stirring, apocalyptic vision to life on the cover is the immensely talented Sam Green. He’s done all our covers for Brandon’s books. Sam’s perfect; his compositions are always striking, he uses the white of the background every bit as well as he uses the fine detail of the illustration and he manages to convey whatever is needed: magic, mystery or mayhem.

Sam has also illustrated our recent covers for M. John Harrison.

Have a look at Sam’s amazing and varied work on his website:

Take a bow Sam – you wield a pencil like no one else.



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  • Katharine (@ThiefofCamorr)

    Oooooh, lookit the shiny!

  • Please Mr Sanderson I am already a few book of yours behind, dont slow your writing but maybe let me catch up a bit. It looks nice non the less.

  • Threatened

    That’s really really phallic.