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Publication Date confirmed for Scott Lynch’s THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES

Gollancz Author: - March 14th, 2013
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The Orion Publishing Group (UK & Commonwealth) and the Random House Publishing Group (US) are thrilled to announce the publication of the third instalment in Scott Lynch’s popular fantasy series that began with The Lies of Locke Lamora. THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES will release on October 10, 2013 in the UK and Commonwealth and October 8, 2013 in the US.

Scott Lynch’s first novel, The Lies of Locke Lamora, was a critically acclaimed hit when it was published in 2006. Bestselling author George R.R. Martin called it “a fresh, original, and engrossing tale by a bright new voice in the fantasy genre.” Publication rights sold in more than 20 countries. The second book in the series, Red Seas Under Red Skies, followed in 2007 to more critical acclaim. Since then, readers have anxiously awaited the next installment. Scott has now delivered the final manuscript and we are able to confirm publication date.

In THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES, readers will reunite with con artist extraordinaire Locke Lamora—and meet the only female Gentleman Bastard. With what should have been the greatest heist of their career gone spectacularly sour, Locke and his trusted partner, Jean, have barely escaped with their lives. Or, at least, Jean has. But Locke is slowly succumbing to a deadly poison which no alchemist or physiker can cure. Yet just as the end is near, a mysterious visitor offers Locke an opportunity that will either save him or finish him off once and for all.

Simon Spanton, Deputy Publishing Director at Gollancz, said ‘Some of you will know about the real difficulties that gathered around this novel for Scott. I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Scott for sticking with it. I know that he was always painfully aware of the delays and what those meant both for his publishers and his fans. So I’d also like to thank Scott’s readers for their patience and for the immense support and the profound goodwill towards Scott that they have shown during this time. It’s been a long wait but I have every faith that their patience will now be rewarded with The Republic of Thieves.’

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21 Responses to “Publication Date confirmed for Scott Lynch’s THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES”

  1. Katharine (@ThiefofCamorr) says:

    Woo! What excellent news 🙂 Yes, there were delays, but other books have taken longer. The main thing is that Mister Lynch is happy with the book. We know it’ll be worth the wait, and Sabetha deserves the very best of anticipated, bated breath.

  2. Den Patrick says:

    Just the best news. Congrats to Scott.

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  4. Redhead says:

    the countdown has begun!

    thank you Mr. Lynch!!

  5. Brilliant! This has made my week, just need Stover to let the darkness take him for my next Cain fix and my year is complete!

  6. […] Och så idag kom nyheterna att Scott Lynch har levererat ett manus till tredje delen om The Gentlemen Bastards – The Republic of Thieves – och att publikationsdatum är satt. I år! I oktober! […]

  7. […] the proofing process and such). I can’t say much more than that for now, but if you head over to Gollancz’s blog, (after 1:00pm) you’ll be able to read all about it and see that all important release […]

  8. Just saw this, great news to end the day! Am very very happy for Scott … Not to mention the rest of us …

  9. JesC says:

    So glad to hear the news! Good to hear things are brightening up for you too! Welcome back! I hope you make a million! (Dollars that is)

  10. Scott says:

    Fantastic news! I have to find a place to pre-order this asap.

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  12. Pete says:

    Will Scott still be writing the series as a 7-book collection as was initially planned? Just wondering if the circumstances behind the delay has led Mr. Lynch to change his original plans?

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  14. […] current one, October this year seems to be […]

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  16. Marcel says:

    I’m sorry, but after so many postponals, I will only believe it when I see the book infront of me. And there are words printed on the pages.

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  18. […] Publication Date confirmed for Scott Lynch’s THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES | Gollancz blog […]

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