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We interrupt your normal Friday Reads with a special post.

Today Gollancz says farewell (for now) to Mark Stay who is off to have adventures in film making and become our future Robot Overlord! Mark is an integral part to the Gollancz Team and we’re going to miss him terribly. We also couldn’t be happier for him. Good luck, Mark!

Now, we’ll let Mark tell you a little but more books, films and robots! 



A Gallow short story from Nathan Hawke

Today we have, for your enjoyment, another piece of short Gallow fiction. Publishing in two weeks, GALLOW: THE CRIMSON SHIELD is a fast-paced and exhilarating new fantasy from Nathan Hawke. You can find the first part of this story on Nathan’s website. Click on ‘The Temple of the Fates’ to find it, and come back here next week for more Gallow! And don’t forget our competition!   The End of Farri Moontongue Part 2 Location – The Ice Mountain Sea   “I really don’t know. But by the end of my looking it was the Moontongue I came to understand. They…


Dr. Easy and The Red Men

Last Friday, Film4 and Warp Films released DR. EASY, a short film directed by Shynola, online for free. Based on the first chapter of Matthew De Abaitua’s novel THE RED MEN, the film is, I think, worth ten minutes of your time. It stars Tom Hollander and the voice of Geraldine James, and looks great. Dr. Easy from Shynola on Vimeo.   Shynola – best known for directing music videos for Radiohead, Blur and many more – have been working on getting a full adaptation of THE RED MEN off the ground for a few years now. This is the…


The author of 1984 would have been 110 today…

George Orwell was born today (as Eric Blair) in 1903. A writer of immense importance and varied output he is best known for his novel 1984. And as we’re on an SF and Fantasy blog it’s the one I shall limit myself to here. Even if that does mean ignoring the perfect satire of Animal Farm, the truth and fairness of Down and Out in Paris and London, the sheer brilliance of the essays. I could go on… So 1984. The SF book that most non-SF fans have read? Or a towering piece of literature? Yes to both those. Of…


Introducing Gallow and a Competition!

In July, Gollancz is delighted to be publishing the first Gallow book, THE CRIMSON SHIELD. Written by Nathan Hawke, a newcomer to the list, the Gallow books are fast-paced fantasy with a sharp edge. Gallow himself is a wonderful creation – a man adrift from his homeland and history, forced to live a quiet life, but unwilling to back down if forced into confrontation. And a very good fighter. Over the next few weeks we’ll be running a series of short stories, deleted scenes and extended excerpts from the books. You can find out more at, where you will…