On the Steel Breeze: Chapter 1

On the Steel BreezeWe’re delighted to be able to give a sneak preview of Al Reynolds’ new SF novel, On the Steel Breeze.

It’s a glorious tale of betrayal and deceit aboard a flotilla of hollowed-out asteroids as they take millions of people to start a new world on a far distant planet at one seventh the speed of light. Non-more SF you might think. And you’d be right – Al has a fantastic time here with many of the essential tropes of SF but this is also a fresh and exciting tale built on the adventures of a very human family. Although it’s true to say that the daughters of this family come with a very unusual twist, as befits the grand-daughters of a pioneer in space travel.

For those who enjoyed Blue Remembered Earth this is a wonderful glimpse at Eunice Akinya’s legacy. For readers new to the tale it’s a thrilling look at an epic adventure to take humanity to a new world. We can’t wait to publish it and we hope you won’t be able to wait to read it.

We’ve got the first chapter to share with you here. Enjoy!


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