Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Rivers of London Right Now . . .

Happy World Book Night! To celebrate Rivers of London being one of the chosen titles we’re sharing with you our Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Rivers of London Right Now:

1. Because you have to meet PC Peter Grant

2. Because this is about London the way we know it really is

3. Because The Folly is just too great a place not to visit

4. Because once you’ve read the first page you’ll just have to know more

5. Because there’s the most brilliant mystery

6. Because there’s the most brilliant solution to the mystery

7. Because there’s also just a bit of magic

8. Because this witty, sharp story will make you smile

9. Because there’s a cameo you’ll never expect

10. Because we’re convinced you’ll really, really, really, really enjoy it 🙂

You can read the first chapter of Rivers of London here.  For today only you can download your copy of Rivers of London for just .99p! Leave us a comment by 11.59pm on the 23rd of April 2014 about what you love best about Rivers of London and we’ll put your name in a draw to receive a copy to share with a friend.  For full terms and conditions click here.



Gillian Redfearn is the Deputy Publishing Director. She joined the team in 2004 and isn't sure she's left the office since. She loves travel, challenges and good fantasy novels, hates being bored and is largely ambivalent about chocolate. When not working in the Gollancz Dungeons she reads, practises archery, knits, conducts a never-ending war against her garden and doesn't spend enough time in the gym . . . You can follow her on twitter: GillianRedfearn
  • Maggie Lloyd

    Folklore mixed with police procedure,what’s not to like about this book! Cannot understand why it is called Midnight Riot in the US though.

  • ian woodall

    I have to say this. I DON’T BLAME LESLY

  • ian woodall

    Also….My money is on Nightingale recruiting a Red Army mercenary.

  • ian woodall

    There are a bunch of Dads who take their kids swimming every Saturday morning in Darkest Staffordshire. They are a sober lot. Mostly in business, public service or teaching. They are liberal folk well versed in literature and the counter culture. One day one of them lent another ”Rivers of London”. It transformed them all in weeks into Follyites! We all now have the books and spend our spare time inflicting Peter Grant’s world on our spouses, kids, civil partners and anyone we meet. Personally I am a Nightingale man. Others think The Faceless Man got a bad press.