Welcome back to Midnight . . .

Midnight Crossroad hiresWe’re heading back to Midnight today with a sneaky peek at the brand new series from Charlaine Harris herself.

In a town where people to go to hide from their past what happens when the past catches up to you?

Are you ready for Midnight Crossroad?

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  • Hi!

    I’ve entered every possible competition for this book but haven’t been so lucky yet! 🙁 Haha. I entered the Goodreads giveaway last week. It says on here that 20 winners would be announced, but only 15 were.

    I don’t know how Goodreads run their giveaways, if winners are randomly selected or based on their reading habits, but most the winners don’t even seem like Charlaine Harris fans or at least haven’t read most her other books. Do you know how winners are selected on there and if 5 more will be chosen?

    I’ve just realised something!

    Last year, I think, I submitted one of my books to your team for consideration and I got a note back with a little scribble on the back, saying, ‘The setting is interesting–don’t give up on this one! Jen.’

    Was that you who wrote that? If so, thank you! It made me smile, I really appreciated the encouragement, and I haven’t given up on the series. I released Book Two of it last August and its sales have got me through the winter at least, and my readers are excited for the next one. =P Haha. I’m still writing and will release the third in the series this summer.

    So if it was you, thanks again for kind words, and thanks for all the opportunities to win a copy of Midnight Crossroad! I hope I’m luckier this time; I’m not sure anyone else wants to read it more than I do! =P.