Announcing the Midnight Crossroad Blog Tour

Gollancz and the UK’s leading book blogs are counting the hours until the publication of the very first book of Charlaine Harris’s hugely anticipated new series, Midnight Crossroad!

From 1pm until midnight tomorrow – Wednesday 7th May – twelve sites will publish original interviews with Charlaine Harris, covering an array of subjects from missing Sookie Stackhouse, to her writing tips and whether she’s a cat person.

Whether you’re stopping for elevenses, breaking for lunch or browsing during your commute home, be sure to check the social media feeds and blogs of the sites below!




Sophie joined Gollancz as Publicity Manager in the waning months of 2013. Following her degrees in Twentieth Century English Literature and brief flirtations with bookselling, Sophie became a dab hand at publicising SFF novels while handling the PR activity for Titan Books (2009 - 2013). Spending her formative years devouring Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Deep Space Nine and SG1, Sophie's literary tastes have always gravitated towards the speculative and fantastical. When she's not attending books events or cultivating killer blog tours, Sophie spends her time training for international marathons, canal boating in France, whipping up Asian-inspired feasts (she's addicted to curries) and visiting her home town of Totnes; the patchouli scented Devonshire town once named as "the capital of new age chic" by Time Magazine.