Friday Reads- Bank Holiday Edition!

We’re getting ready for the Bank Holiday Weekend here at Gollancz Towers and no Bank Holiday would be complete without some fantastic reads. Here’s what Team Gollancz will be reading over the long weekend! 

Gollancz FRCharlie: Good Omens

Darren: The City of Silk and Steel

Marcus: Tuf Voyaging

Harriet and Marissa: Rivers of London

Jen: Far From You

Emily: Truth and Fear

Sophie: The Relic Guild

Simon: Ash

Gillian: The Relic Guild


What are you reading this weekend?  Let us in the comments. 


Jen works in the Gollancz/Indigo marketing team. Originally from New York, she talks too loud (and far too fast). When not marketing books or devising evil genius plans (as she prefers to think of marketing) she reads too much, adventures as much as possible and is learning the difference between US and UK English (it’s a complex process). She has a weakness for brilliant YA novels, fairy tales, myths, chocolate tea and trashy American TV. She also has a pathological hatred of mayo. You can follow her on Twitter: @gennmcmenemy
  • Peter

    Have only just finished Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson (on Kindle) – Wow, now that’s great. See for my synopsis and recommendation. Just over half way through the Gospel of Loki (on paper) – thanks guys for the copy. Next up will be An Officer and a Spy (Robert Harris’ re-telling of the notorious C19 French “Dreyfuss Affair”. That’ll be on Kindle, too. I can get through books about 30% faster on Kindle. I’m also getting geared up to read In Dark Service by Stephen Hunt when it debuts on the 15th.

  • Roy Taylor

    Just finished words of radiance,now started Pandoras star.