Cover Reveal: Foxglove Summer

We’re delighted to be able to show you the cover for Ben Aaronovitch’s hotly anticipated new novel Foxglove Summer. This was something of a challenge for the superb Stephen Walters who has done the iconic covers for this series.

Those of you familiar with Peter Grant’s earlier adventures will know that Stephen’s cover artworks have been densely populated pictorial maps of London full of puns, jokes and sly geographical digs (witness the Isle of Dogs on Rivers of London and Clapham labelled as Clarm on Broken Homes).

But in Foxglove Summer Peter is hauled away from London and set down in the less than dense Herefordshire countryside. Look at the cover and you’ll see not packed streets and urban landscapes but rolling hills, sheep, the occasional tractor, a flying saucer, beehives. All the normal things you’d expect. But look out for the rucksack and the mobile phone. Clues you say? You might say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment. You don’t think Ben would make it that easy do you?

And remember, however many stiles and hedgerows he has to negotiate, you might be able to take the man out of London but you can’t take London out of the man.

Welcome to Foxglove Summer. Bring the suncream.

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