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Gollancz Direct Submissions: January 2016

Gollancz Author: - October 19th, 2015
Acquisitions, Gollancz Festival

Exciting news for all aspiring writers out there!

At Gollancz we are proud of our continuing history of publishing the best debut authors each year. We see nurturing and promoting such talent as part of our role in the genre community. We know that it can be intimidating and difficult when you take those first steps with your manuscript, and we want to make it easier for you. And so, following on from the success of the Gollancz Festival 2015, which included the Festival of New Writers, we are excited to announce that we will temporarily be opening for direct submissions again in January 2016. We can’t think of a better way to start the New Year!

We encourage submissions from anyone, around the world, regardless of gender, race, religion, location, lifestyle or anything else. All we ask is that, if you have a manuscript you would like us to consider, you follow these guidelines:

  • Submissions will be open 4th to 22th January 2016. Only submissions with valid postdates will be considered.
  • We will only be accepting PHYSICAL submissions.
  • We will only consider SF, Fantasy, Horror or YA Crossover novels. They must be complete and more than 80,000 words.
  • We will consider previously self-published works.
  • We will not consider works we have previously rejected.
  • We will not consider works sent in by agents, or by authors who already have representation – they can be submitted in the normal way.
  • We are not currently looking for short story collections or anthologies.
  • Please send:
    • The first 50 pages of your manuscript
    • A cover letter outlining the scope and concept of your work
    • A full synopsis (no more than 1 page, can be single spaced)
  • Format:
    • Double-spaced
    • Single or double-sided
    • Please use standard fonts (comic-sans is liable to make our eyes bleed!)
  • Please address to:

The Gollancz Team
Carmelite House
50 Victoria Embankment

All submissions will be considered by one of the Gollancz editorial team, and we will work through them as quickly as we can. We will only undertake to respond or offer feedback where we think there is a useful conversation to be had with the author, or we can offer sensible advice to the author. We will make an announcement when we have got through them all.

We look forward to reading your work!

Good luck!

Team Gollancz

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256 Responses to “Gollancz Direct Submissions: January 2016”

  1. Marco Cultrera says:

    Great news!
    Question: can the same author submit more than one novel? (I have two ready at the moment).


  2. Kai Herbertz says:

    Dear Gollancz team,

    thank you for the direct submission window – those are exciting news, indeed! I am going to submit the first 50 pages of my debut self-published novel “Age of Torridan” in January.

    All the best,

    Kai Herbertz

  3. Sarah Inkpen says:


    I would really love to work at Gollancz, but I know that there are no vacancies at the moment. Would it be possible for me to get some work experience? (I spoke to Gillian at the Festival on Sunday, and she suggested I post here.)

    Thank you,

    Sarah Inkpen

  4. Hi

    Will you also have submission window for cover artist?

  5. Evil Overlord says:

    To clarify: “Submissions will be open 4th to 22th January 2016. Only submissions with valid postdates will be considered.”

    Is that receipt from 4-22, or postmarked 4-22? That is, should those of us overseas submit early, to be sure of falling within the period, or submit during the window, and let the postmark be the cutoff?

    • Marcus says:

      We’re not going to be unreasonable about it – if you arrive a day or two early or late, that will be fine, and if you arrive late but have posted within the 4-22 then that’s fine too.

      But if you post on the 23rd and it takes two weeks to get here, we won’t read it.

      Hope that makes sense!

      • Piper says:

        Delighted to learn of this open submission window – thank you.

        Given the utter unreliability of the South African postal service all year round, let alone over the holiday season, this is going to be a nail-biter. I intend to post off a submission a day or two prior to the window opening on 4th January and will have trust to luck that it arrives before the 23rd. Posting any earlier is almost guaranteed to ensure it will disappear into some black hole or other before it makes it out of the country.

        My question is – if my postmark shows a date of around 3rd of January, would the submission still be excluded if it arrives a few days outside of the window?

        Many thanks.

  6. Wong.Z.Q. says:

    In terms of first 50 pages, should I send exactly the first 50 pages, as in cutting off mid-sentence, or should I ONLY cut off mid chapter, or should I end the chapter which will be less than 50 pages?

  7. Liz Crawford says:

    I wrote a novel that was published by a tiny e-publsher for only 3 months before they went bust and my rights were returned to me. Can I submit this novel?
    Thanks for letting me know.

  8. Kurt M Criscione says:

    What about simultaneous submissions… another publisher is also having an open period in Dec and Jan…. can we submit our manuscripts to both….obviously letting you know in our cover letter?

    Looking forward to January, thanks

    • Marcus says:

      That’s fine, as long as you let us know!

      • Sebastien says:

        “That’s fine, as long as you let us know” -Does this mean we should write in the cover letter that we’re sending our manuscripts somewhere else as well, or do we just let you know in the event of the book being accepted by another publisher? Thanks.

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  10. Sebastien Mantle says:

    Question: For the synopsis, does the font have to be a specific size?

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  12. Ana says:

    Hi! Do you have a rough idea of when we should stop crossing our fingers if we send our manuscript? How long do you think it will take for you to go through the submissions? Thanks.

    • Marcus says:

      Ummm, we were thinking a couple of months but thanks to changes to the team here, it might be more like three. But we will announce when we’ve finished.

  13. Raphael says:


    Great initiative. Question, does it necessarilly have to be a finished novel or can it be an in-progress work? (This would be mentioned in the cover letter if applicable)


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  15. Stuart says:

    Hi – with respect to the requirements to;
    – send you the first 50 pages AND
    – must be finished novel,
    Am I right in thinking that I only send you the first 50 pages but not the rest of the manuscript?
    If so, how would you be able to determine for yourselves that it is a complete novel (until three months later, if you were to ask to see it)? (Mine is finished BTW, but my brain wants to know the answer and it won’t shut up about it (I blame the genes)).

  16. Ran says:

    Can I clarify what you want in the cover letter, please? By “scope and concept” do you want an explanation of themes and philosophy or whether the story is a contained single novel vs planned/developed sequel/s? Or am I completely wrong with both interpretations?

    • Marcus says:

      Certainly some of the latter, becuase it’s important to know future plans, but also some of the former. Is it a straightforward adventure romp, or a comedy of errors, or a deep philosphical treatise? Obviously we’ll get some of that through the extract, but it’s usedul to know the author’s plans for the rest of the book.

      • Ran says:

        Thank you so much, Marcus! And one final question: is there a particular editor to whom we should address the letter, or just to the VG submissions crew?

        • Marcus says:

          Just to the open submissions address, please – we’ll be dividing them up between us. Feel free to mention in the covering letter if there’s a particular editor you feel it would be right for, though, as long as you have a good reason!

  17. Leigh says:

    I have a trilogy of work and completely understand the submission guidelines, however, should i send all three synopses for the complete story and the first fifty pages of the first book, or just the first synopsis for the first novel?

    • Marcus says:

      I think it wouldn’t hurt to reference the plans for the rest of the series, but your focus should be on book one – if we’re not convinced by that then we won’t be too interested in the rest of the story!

  18. Samuel Rowe says:

    I’m quite interested in this, however I don’t live in the UK. If I were to send my letter on say, the 18th of January, would it be useless if it didn’t arrive before the 22nd?


    • Marcus says:

      If the postmark is within the suggested period that would be fine, but of course we’d prefer to have everything in by the 22nd if at all possible.

  19. Rachel says:

    Hi, thanks for answering so many questions.
    I’m wondering if I should include a query-style blurb in the covering letter. Also, should I bind/staple the submission pages or would you like them unbound?
    Thank you so much!

    • Marcus says:

      I think a blurb is fine, as long as it isn’t too wordy.

      Unbound is fine; staples is fine as long as its top corner only; binding is fine as long as it’s done well (so the text is actually readable). We won’t turn anyone down for not following the above but it will make our lives easier!

  20. Jon says:

    Hello Team,

    I have question about the first fifty pages. My first novel begins with a prologue, and then changes into the story’s main section. The prologue is only 40 pages, so the last chapter would cover the main section of the tale. What I’m trying to ask is should I send it this way, and if so will the last chapter be read? I want both sections to be understood in their contexts. Apologies for the long winded question.

    Best wishes and thanks for you help.

    • Marcus says:

      We will read the whole thing if we’re enjoying it – if you lose the reader’s attention in the first 40 pages then something’s not right anyway. If you’re worried about it, either a) flag it up in the covering letter (and perhaps say that I said to) or b) excise the prologue and replace it with a 1 or 2 page synopsis, then send 50 pages of the main text. Again, if you do this I’d suggest you refer to this comment in your covering letter.

  21. Ella says:

    My intended submission falls short of 80,000 words by a mere 500 or so. Would this be acceptable or do I need to find a few more words?

  22. Srđan says:

    When you say 50 pages do you mean A4, Letter or some other format? Also, which standard do you prefer in the UK for dialogs (double quotes or dashes?) and thoughts (italic, double/single quotes, etc)? In my country we prefer dashes for dialogs but I know it can be very unusual elsewhere and could… make your eyes bleed.

    • Marcus says:

      A4, generally. Dialogue can be single or double quotes, we’d prefer that it wasn’t dashes but won’t reject out of hand if it is. Thoughts in italics please.

  23. You mention several times here in the comments that you “are not monsters.”

    Are you, indeed, monsters?

    Just out of curiosity, you know. I’m going to send you my submission either way.

  24. Hello!

    I have a question regarding the ’50’ pages I intend to send. If a chapter ends on the 51 st or 48th page, ( or perhaps something more extreme, such as the 60th or 40th page) should we add the extra 10 pages or subtract 10 pages? Is either okay?

    Also, is American English allright? 😛

  25. Richard says:

    I submitted online in December 2012, does that rejection still stand? I have improved on the original.

    • Marcus says:

      Ummm, in theory yes but honestly we’re unlikely to throw you out. If you honestly think you’ve made the book better to the point we should reconsider, feel free!

  26. Debra says:

    Does the 80,000 word requirement apply to YA as well?

  27. Jack says:

    For the format, particularly the double spacing, does that apply to the manuscript or just the cover letter?

  28. VIctoria says:

    If we are submitting unbound pages, is it useful to put the author’s name, or the book title, at the top of each page in a header (right hand side, perhaps a size smaller than the 12-point text)? In case any pages come adrift at any stage. Or would it distract the reader. I’m assuming the pages should be numbered in a footer.

    • Marcus says:

      That’s a good idea, but not essential – we’re pretty good at keeping things together! But it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

  29. Leann says:

    To clarify on the response of the submissions: Do I understand an author will only get a personal response if interested or feedback, otherwise a general announcement will be made on the website. If this is the case should a sase be included for possible reply or will this be via email. Second, would we have to subscribe to the blog or website in order to see the general announcement? If so a link would be greatly appreciated. On a side note I think a secret society of monster book publishers would be awesome and I would be the first to sign up with negotiations to not be eaten. Hard to write when you’re dead.

    • Marcus says:

      That’s right – we’ll only reply by email, so don’t send an SAE, and we’ll only be in touch with those authors who we wish to have a further conversation with. The announcement that we’ve been through all submissions will be here on the blog, and on our twitter feed.

  30. Rob says:

    Hi. I have a complete fantasy trilogy that’s 40k, 80k and 90k words respectively. Can I submit it as one complete work, with a synopsis that covers the whole story arc?

    • Marcus says:

      … I suppose, although 40k isn’t long enough and doesn’t fit the guidelines. I also worry about the disparity in size between the books. But we’ll take a look.

  31. Laurence Brothers says:

    I presume no SASE is required unless the author wants their 50 pages back and that you will contact authors by email if you want a full ms. Is that correct?

  32. Sandy says:

    Hi, I just wanted to clarify.

    Where it says double-spaced, is that for the 50 pages of A4 manuscript or just the cover letter and synopsis?

    Cheers 🙂

  33. Will says:

    I suppose I’m showing my ignorance here but do you want the first 50 pages before or after it’s been double spaced. My format is single spaced courier final draft size 12 so that would get me into chapter 3 and double spaced gets into chapter 2. It’s probably bothering me more than it should. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. The Team,
    I will certainly send my self published novel: A Woman In Time Transit for your consideration.
    But for one thing for which I would congratulate you is that you people have almost expelled the ‘Agents’.
    Yawer Qazalbash

  35. LM Towton says:


    Just a quick question, as just wondering who/how to address the cover letter (i.e. Dear ???)


  36. Jimmy says:

    A description of what you would like to see in the cover letter – in addition to the scope and concept of the work as described in your submission guidelines – would be quite helpful. Thanks!

  37. Sophie says:

    Hola love people,

    My novel is on a local site – however it is self published and they do not represent me, nor do I have an agent.

    I take it that means I’m still ok to submit? We all just go under a blanket name of an organisation to look a bit more professional,



  38. LM Towton says:


    Just wanted to clarify who/how we address the actual cover letter (i.e. Dear ???) ?


  39. Bert says:

    Silly question but as I live in London can I deliver my submission to your office personally?

  40. Moonie says:

    Hi Gollancz Team!

    I sent my submission off this morning, which was very exciting.
    However I just realised – with horror – that I supplied you with the wrong email on my cover letter!

    Please help! How do I rectify this??


  41. Moonie says:

    Hi Gollancz Team!

    I sent off my submission this morning, which was very exciting.
    However I just realised – with horror – that I supplied you with the wrong email in my cover letter!

    How do I rectify this?? Please help!


  42. Bert says:

    Can I drop off my manuscript in person?

  43. L.S. Johnson says:

    Is there any way to get an acknowledgment of receipt, or should we just pray fervently to the transatlantic postal gods?

    • Marcus says:

      Only if we get in touch to say we want to see more, I’m afraid – with the sheer volume we’re getting in it’s not possible to reply to everyone!

  44. mountainlion2 says:

    Supposedly not monsters,

    Are there any other formatting rules? Like spaces after paragraphs, indent on new paragraphs, margins, etc?

  45. Greg Curtis says:


    I’m an indie so not interested. However I am curious. Why can prospective authors not have agents?

    Cheers, Greg.

    • Marcus says:

      Hi Greg

      Because we would expect agents to submit to us thorugh the normal channels, and wouldn’t want authors going behind their backs!

  46. Andrew says:

    Can you define what you mean by scope and concept for the cover letter?
    I’m thinking this means genre and style, as well as total length, but should it include themes. Do you want character specifics like character arc? Or the it’s this and this with this elevator pitch included? I’ve looked online for style guides and they say to have everything, cut everything, and everything in between so I’m curious what it is you want.
    Also, I’ve cut my synopsis down as far as possible and it’s just under a page single spaced. This is partly because I’m covering four character arcs. Would you prefer to see all the POV arcs or should I choose one to make the primary POV for the synopsis.

    • Marcus says:

      Honestly, there isn’t a ‘correct’ answer to this. I think genre and style absolutely yes, along with brief examples of themes and main character arcs. But hard to tell without having read the book – you have to go for what you think sells your idea and writing most strongly.

      For the synopsis, I think leave all four in if you’ve got it to under a page.

  47. mountainlion2 says:

    Dear supposedly not monsters,

    Is there any other formatting restrictions? e.g. space after paragraph, indent new paragraph, margins


  48. Christopher says:

    When you say first 50 pages, is that A4 or A5?

  49. mountainlion2 says:

    Dear supposedly not monsters,

    Is there any other formatting you want? e.g. Tab at the beginning of a new paragraph, extra line after new paragraph, margins, etc.

  50. David says:

    I’ve successfully written and had published several traditional Sherlock Holmes short story collections and a novel, and I’ve also edited some very highly regarded Holmes anthologies, all with another publisher. I have a new unpublished full-length Holmes novel, set in the correct Victorian time period, that is not necessarily SF, Horror, or Fantasy in the strictest definition, but it does involve the search for an object that is believed by others – not Holmes – to have magical powers. With the current Holmes popularity, do you have any interest in seeing it, or does it fall outside the parameters of your search? Thanks!

  51. Chris says:

    I am curious about one aspect of formatting. In the US, I have been told that anything you want italicized should be underlined in the manuscript, and that a scene break with three centered bullets should be indicated by using a hash (#). Is this how it’s done on that side of the pond as well, or do I need to modify my pages before I send them?


    • Marcus says:

      That would be fine, but not the end of the world if things aren’t quite like that. If that’s what you’ve got, though, send it in as is!

  52. Dennis says:


    I was wondering how long the cover letter should be considering double spacing?


  53. Leanne says:

    Hi Marcus,
    I’ve popped all the requested materials in the mail and only realised in hindsight I was a class-A idiot who forgot to put my email address on the cover letter. So, there’s only my mailing address. Is there anything I can do about that?

    Apologies, and thanks so much!

  54. alex says:

    A few questions.
    My manuscript is currently in A5, should the first 50 pages be as they would from an A5 manuscript, or as they would be from an A4 one (obviously much more content)
    And, is it 50 pages once double spaced, or 50 pages as they currently are, single spaced? thanks

  55. alex says:

    a quick question. Is it 50 pages as they would be in A5, or as they would be in A4 (obviously much more content)
    Is it 50 pages after being made double spaced, or before (being then 100 pages)?

  56. Leanne says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Sorry if this is posted twice, I posted two days ago and it hasn’t shown up yet so I thought I’d check again.

    I popped the requested materials in the mail, but realised in hindsight that I was a class-A idiot and forgot to put in my email address. Meaning my submission only has a mailing address.

    Any chance I can fix this somehow by passing you my email?

    Sorry, and thank you so much!

  57. Dominic de Mattos says:

    I admire your patience, Marcus!
    I have seen wildly conflicting advice on synopses, and wondered whether you are looking for a full plot outline with all the twists and turns, and including the ending (spoilers notwithstanding), or whether you want something which describes the main characters, the setting, background, mood, theme and only a sketchy outline of the plot. Perhaps the latter is what would go in the covering letter? I’ve seen wildly conflicting advice for that too! Any advice would be appreciated. I am acutely conscious of the 22nd thundering towards us…

    • Marcus says:

      The latter for the covering letter is fine. For the actual synopsis, I tend to prefer to know the whole thing, but it isn’t the end of the world if some of the details are sketched over.

  58. Cindy says:

    Where I live, A4 paper is only available by mail-order, and I won’t be able to acquire it in time. May I submit on “US Letter” size paper?

    Also, when formatted in A4, there is a natural chapter break on page 55 (but when formatted for US Letter the chapter ends on page 57). If I submit on US Letter, do I send the full chapter or should I find a break point closer to page 50?

  59. PDS says:


    If a chapter, three pages long, starts on page 49, is it okay to include that in the submission?

    Also, do you require a new chapter to start on a new page?


  60. Mark HJ says:

    Dear Gollancz Team… about not being monsters…

    I want to apologise for a couple of errors in my recent submission – I just realised that I sent you my submission STREAMRIDERS with a two-page synopsis, and I have zero recollection of signing the cover-letter…

    (This is all my own fault. Any morning that starts with scraping breakfast off the inside of the microwave should be a strong hint to go back to bed and wait for tomorrow. Or maybe the day after, just to be sure…)

    Mark HJ.

    • Marcus says:

      No problem at all – we certainly won’t punish you for not signing your leter! And we’re getting a few two page synopses, so although I honestly believe that you should be bale to boil your novel down to one page, we won’t hold it against you if you haven’t!

  61. Bruce says:

    Ok, my cover letter and synopsis are done and I’m ready to strike out for the post office, but 1 nagging question remains bouncing about my walnut-sized brain; if I take the first 50 pages of my novel (currently single-spaced) and double-space it, my submission becomes 100 pages (or 50 pieces of paper, double-sided). Is this what you’re looking for? Or do you want 50 pages of double-spaced text, which is effectively 25 double-sided sheets?

    I know your team will be eyeballing oodles of text, so I don’t want be an inconvenience.


  62. Fran says:

    Asking purely for peace of mind…

    Are you contacting submissions you have an interest in as you come across them or waiting until after the closing date?

    (Ergo, if someone had sent a submission early in the process and hadn’t heard anything to date should they start wearing black or keep refreshing their email?)

    Or is that classified?


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  64. Hello,
    I just wondered if there was way I could check to see if my submission (HOXTON) has been received. Thanks.
    It should have arrived with you about a week ago.
    Thanks, best regards, Kate.

    • Marcus says:

      I’m afraid not, right now – we’ve had over 500 submissions already! We’re putting together a spreadsheet so I’ll check when we’ve got it all logged and complete.

  65. Tia says:

    I live in London. Would it be possible for me to hand in my submission in person.

  66. Nyla Nox says:

    I am sending in my beloved novel excerpt by mail from a country far far away. I sent it off last Tuesday but it seems to be stuck at customs. Information is very unreliable but the package is in transit. I’m not sure if it will make the deadline – what can I do? Please tell me that you are you looking at the stamp on the package? It was sent off 12 January. All my love, hope and wild imagination travels with it…

  67. Nyla Nox says:

    Question about mail from outside UK (got lost! but I hope my beloved novel excerpt/letter/package/MS didn’t!). Sent it off last Tuesday but seems to be ‘in transit’.
    Please say you are looking at the stamp on the envelope. I can’t get any information about the fate of the letter until next month! Thank you so much for your help and patience.

  68. Hadar Badt says:

    Dear Gollancz Team,

    Thank you for sharing these exciting news with us! I submitted my work today. I hope it reaches you by Friday.

    Kind regards from Berlin,


  69. AJ says:

    I’m a tremendous idiot with bad handwriting and I realized too late that the 0DZ in your zip code looks like 002 in my scribble.

    There’s a pretty good chance the mailperson will read it as 002. Is there any chance my submission will get to your office if the rest of the address is correct, or will it end up in the Shetlands?

    • Marcus says:

      I’m pretty sure that will get to us no problem. But feel free to check in a couple of weeks when we’ve had a chance to sort through the pile and if it hasn’t turned up we’ll let you send again.

  70. Marion says:

    You should publish this blog. It’s hilarious! Thanks for the opportunities to read it and to submit!

  71. David Marshall says:

    Trying to submit. Printer died. Bought new printer. Driver software won’t install. 45 minutes left before Post Office closes. Here in Australia it’s already the 22nd.

  72. Andrew Wright says:

    See? They are not monsters!

    I posted my submission earlier this week. (Also PM’ed you on the E:D forum).


  73. Kim says:

    Dear Marcus,
    I admire your patience in answering all these questions! I’m making my own submission today having only read about the submission window last night (note to self – read Writing Magazine when it arrives – don’t file it for later and then forget about it!). Thank you for answering all the questions I would have asked in your earlier responses. This blog has been a great help. And now I must get on with my synopsis…
    ps. I’m glad you’re not monsters 🙂

  74. PJ says:

    Thanks for offering this opportunity! I posted my submission this morning from the US and they’ve promised it should arrive within a few days but we’ll see 🙂 I’m at the end of the deadline (sorry) because the guy at the office supply store and I basically created our own evil genius team in order to get A4 paper for me (he cut legal paper down to specifics for me, yay!) so I’m ready if additional pages are requested.

    Good luck to everyone and again, thanks.

  75. Chris Bilbro says:

    Much to my horror, I found out about this only a few days ago. I mailed everything today, so it should be post-marked for the 22nd, and I used a painfully expensive shipping method to get it to you as soon as possible from the US. So, just to reiterate:

    Are you guys SURE you’re not monsters?

    I apologize if this was cutting it too close. Fingers crossed you won’t hurl my package into the garbage/blast it into the sun…

  76. Hi there…submitted today (might as well leave it to the last minute, right? What could possibly go wrong?). I’m in Canada so I picked the mailing solution that wasn’t $10 (“When would that get there?”…employees shrugs: “dunno, sometime”) nor was it $110 (“And this one? How about this one?”…employee shrugs: “dunno, faster than the other one.”) so I picked the $45 mailing option (“So this one should get there faster than sometime but not as fast as the faster-than-the-other-one option”…employee: blank stare).

    So there you have it. Post marked for the 22nd, however.

  77. David Marshall says:

    Thanks for that, Marcus, but I won’t need it. Got to the main local Post Office at 5:20, and they were closed. Then I remembered the small Post Office branch in the chemists down the road. Tried there, they were still open, so it’s on the way, postmarked the 22nd.

  78. Carol says:

    Dear Not Monsters,

    Last night at 11 pm I found out about this submission and if I could have posted my submission last night I would have done, so it would have arrived on Monday. Is there any chance that I could be my own postman and bring it to London on Monday (no later)? Please?

  79. Hi Marcus – have sent and delivered my submission. It was addressed correctly, sent recorded and signed for by someone called Sandra apparently. Can you advise this has been received by yourselves? My (bad) experience of our wonderful postal service is that they don’t always get things right however (I’m not sure the PO should accept signatures made only with first names, but unfortunately they do).
    I can see you’ve had a lot of submissions but would appreciate if I could find out this has been safely delivered at some point.
    The title is ‘Diary of Lost Endings’.

    • Craig says:

      Hi JD,

      Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, it is almost impossible for us to check on individual titles. If we have read it, we will have sent a reply. If you haven’t received a reply, that means it is still in the un-read pile and we’ll be getting to it as fast as we can! We’ll be updating everyone via blog post in the next week, so please keep an eye out for it!


  80. Liz Crawford says:


    Could you give an idea as to when you think you will have gone through all the submissions, so we can look out for an announcement to that effect? I realise these things take a long time, but say, if July rolls around and I haven’t head anything does that mean the novel’s been rejected?

    Also, I have submitted this novel elsewhere. What is the procedure if it receives an offer of publication and we’d like to let you know?


  81. Diana D. says:

    Hello, I sent my submission on the 22nd, and according to the USPS website it was delivered today, but it says it was delivered in Leyton, which doesn’t seem to be where your address is located. Is there anyway you can confirm that you received it? I can give you more information privately if you need it. I’ll need to know because if it didn’t reach you I’ll need to get my money back. Thank you so much for your time!

    • Craig says:

      Hi Diana,

      Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to find out if we received your submission specifically, as, due to the volume of submissions, we are replying as we go through them. Keeping a record of every single submission would have slowed the process down drastically, which would mean an even longer wait to learn the outcome. We understand how frustrating the wait is, but please bear with us. If you haven’t had a reply then it is most likely that we haven’t read your submission yet. We will be updating everyone via blog post in the next week. I hope that helps somewhat.


  82. Matt Doyle says:

    Hi Gollancz,
    I just wanted to drop a quick note to say cheers for this opportunity. I posted my submission (WICK) near the start of the process so I’m hoping it arrived fine. I completely forgot to mention how heavy an anime influence managed to creep into it in the covering letter though. I hope that doesn’t prove too off-putting!
    Cheers again,

  83. Matt Doyle says:

    Hi Gollancz team,

    Thank you kindly for the opportunity to submit work in this way. I submitted my novel ‘WICK’ near the start of the submission window and just wanted to see if it was now possible to check receipt?

    Many thanks,


  84. Hi there

    It is with near-suicidal sadness that I have only seen the submission window dates now! I have authored an eco-thriller with a sci-fi twist titled “Wake-up Call: 2035”: self-published on Amazon KDP eight weeks ago. It is nothing short of a ‘weapon of mass discussion’.

    The novel theorizes what humanity’s response would be if it were confronted by a supreme, benevolent extraterrestrial race, which arrives not to destroy our planet… but rather to save it. They enlighten humanity of Earth’s imminent environmental collapse, and declare exactly what needs to be done to avert catastrophe. Does humanity have the willpower to follow the declaration, knowing full well that its future is on the line? Will the democratic West fare better than the autocratic East in their efforts to comply? What will the Supreme Beings’ so-called ‘environmental remediation’ entail if humanity fails to comply?

    I humbly request the opportunity to submit my novel for review. It deserves a chance … even if it’s author only deserves a swift kick in the backside for missing the window!

    With best intention and regards
    Robert J. Traydon

  85. Lizbeth Crawford says:

    In the event our offerings haven’t been gobbled up by, say, June or July, should we assume they weren’t tasty enough to tempt and consider it an R? Also, what should we do if we run into Godzilla and he’s so hungry for our juicy tale he offers a contract? Would you like to know if the ms is contracted elsewhere? Thanks!

    • Marcus says:

      We’ll announce when we’ve read everything, but I very much hope we’ll be done well before June/July. And yes, if you’re lucky enough to get an offer, please do let us know!

      • Lizbeth Crawford says:

        Oops, sorry for asking same questions twice! I didn’t see that my comment had gone through so I asked again! Thanks for answering.

  86. Corben Duke says:

    Thanks for the note regarding my submission (The Worst Man on Mars). Although it’s not for you, I really appreciate the words of encouragement. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

  87. Don says:

    Hi Gollancz Folks,

    I postmarked my submission in near the end of the window (sorry!) and have just learned that it is to be returned as it is “undeliverable as addressed.” My address label was literally a copy-paste of the address provided on this page that I printed in Word and then attached to the envelope. Do you folks have any ideas about what may have gone wrong, and is there any way to squeeze it in under the wire if I can prove that I originally posted it before the end date? Thank you!


    • Marcus says:

      Hi Don

      No idea why – Gollancz, Carmelite House, 50 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0DZ. Send it again and address it to me and I’ll add it to the pile!

  88. Don says:

    Thank you so much! I’ll do that, and include the original envelope with the prior postmark.

  89. Stuart says:

    Hi – If you are interested in a particular submission, how would you contact the author? Only reason I ask is I tend not to answer calls from numbers I don’t know (no, I’m not delusional enough to believe you’ll be interested, but…well, stranger things have happened… :)). I included email and postal along with the number 🙂

  90. Rob says:

    g’day – And if you’re not interested and, for whatever reason, don’t feel you can make any helpful comments, will we still get a ‘not for us at this time’ email (where email has been provided).

    • Marcus says:

      Generally not. We’re sending notes through the post – even if they’re only short – to about 75% of submissions so far.

  91. PJ says:

    My email alert shows that my submission, posted on Jan. 22 has only JUST arrived at the post office in London. So sorry for this awful delay.

    Tracking Number: EK867702206US
    Image of a progress bar displaying in-transit status in-transit
    Product & Tracking Information
    Postal Product:
    Priority Mail Express International™
    PO to Addressee
    Up to $100 insurance included
    February 6, 2016 , 1:57 am
    Arrival at Post Office
    Your item has arrived at the delivering post office in UNITED KINGDOM at 1:57 am on February 6, 2016.
    February 5, 2016 , 3:19 pm
    Customs clearance processing complete
    February 4, 2016 , 8:04 pm
    Customs Clearance
    February 4, 2016 , 8:03 pm
    Processed Through Sort Facility
    January 25, 2016 , 6:32 am
    January 24, 2016 , 4:24 pm
    Chicago, UNITED STATES
    January 24, 2016 , 12:09 pm
    Chicago, UNITED STATES
    January 23, 2016 , 4:53 pm
    Processed Through Sort Facility
    January 23, 2016 , 4:51 pm
    Arrived at Sort Facility
    January 22, 2016 , 4:50 pm
    Arrived at USPS Facility
    CHICAGO, IL 60701
    January 22, 2016 , 2:23 pm
    Arrived at USPS Facility
    CHICAGO, IL 60631
    January 22, 2016 , 9:24 am
    CHICAGO, IL 60631

  92. Jane Baskin says:

    Just wondering if my submission was received? The US Post Office had a little trouble with the postal code …

    • Marcus says:

      We’re still working through the piles, I’m afraid, so unable to tell you at this time. Sorry! there are a lot of them…

  93. ellen oliver says:

    when will you be open again for new manuscripts

    • Marcus says:

      Not sure at this point – some time towards the end of the year is the best giess.

      • James Parfitt says:

        Dear Marcus.

        Hello, I’m not exactly sure this belongs here, as my situation is rather unusual, yet I hope this doesn’t prove too intrusive. I’ll start at the beginning.

        Two years ago, I submitted the first fifty pages of my manuscript, Blind Abyss, to Gollancz, using the regular channels. After a short wait, I was contacted by Simon Spanton, who said that he would love for me to send in the remainder of my novel. I did so, and after a brief wait I made contact with Simon again, just to ensure that it had successfully arrived, which it had. I have not spoken to Simon since, yet in the interval I have managed to complete the remaining novels in the series. At first I thought the wait was simply due to the slow-turning nature of the industry, yet I recently discovered that Simon has, in fact, departed from Gollancz!

        Essentially, this has me curious as to the fate of the manuscript I sent, and what my next step should be. Were Simon’s current projects passed on with his departure, or could it have been lost in the transition? If it has been lost, I would be happy to send in another copy. My only questions are whether you would desire the full novel or the first fifty pages, and whether or not I would have to wait for the next open submission window to send it.

        I’m so sorry to be a nuisance, and wish you all well.

        All the best, James.

    • Chris McDonald says:

      G’day Marcus.

      I’ve been struggling to contact you. I submitted my novel (The Hanging Gardens) during the open submissions period in January. I noticed you are posting back replies.
      At the time I was moving country and couldn’t give a fixed address. I really just wanted to check that you received my submission.
      In terms of the reply, would you like me to give you a new address or do you mind just emailing me?

      -Chris McDonald.

      • Marcus says:

        Sorry Chris, I was away without internet access for a while. We’re not getting in touch with everyone, just those where we think there’s some useful comment we can add – if that’s the case with your MS, then we’d be happy to email you.


  94. Sophie says:

    Submitted on the last day. I hope you got it. I didn’t include an address because I’m between addresses at the moment, just an email and phone number.

  95. G.S. Sidhu says:

    Keeping myself calm over something like this is insane, I just have to keep telling myself these things take months. Most of the time I just pray the envelope made it to the right building *fingers crossed*

  96. Marniy Jones says:

    So,*embarrassed cough* I didn’t include my mailing address in my cover letter, only my email and telephone. I figured you would email me if you wanted more, or just announce on your blog that the reviewing was complete. I didn’t know there was a possibility of receiving a commemorative rejection note via post!
    If I’m one of the lucky folks to earn a note, will you email it, or look for my postal address on the envelope? Or should I begin crying myself to sleep never knowing for sure?


    • Marcus says:

      Hi Weepy!

      We’d generally look at the envelope, but we might also email – if we have something worth saying we’ll try and find a way of getting it to you.


  97. GS Sidhu says:

    I am by no means trying to pester you, just really nervous about whether or not my package made it there. I’m overthinking it, surely the UK postal service knows what it is doing. Must find some way to stay calm.

  98. G’day Marcus.

    I noticed you are mailing back replies. I was traveling at the time I submitted my novel (The Hanging Gardens) and couldn’t give a fixed address.

    Do you mind if I give you an address now? Or would you mind if I emailed you.

  99. Andrew Wright says:

    Hi there,

    A short story connected to my book is being published in an anthology.

    Is that something you would be concerned about?

    Of course, you may have already read and rejected it, but I have no idea if that is the case!


  100. Chris McDonald says:

    G’day Marcus.

    I’ve been struggling to contact you. I submitted my novel (The Hanging Gardens) during the open submissions period in January. I noticed you are posting back replies.
    At the time I was moving country and couldn’t give a fixed address. I really just wanted to check that you received my submission.
    In terms of the reply, would you like me to give you a new address or do you mind just emailing me?

    -Chris McDonald.

  101. Stuart says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Sorry to be a pain but I’ve been out of the country on business – would you be able to double check you received my submission, Masque of Legends? I’m hoping it got to you in time.
    Many thanks

    • Craig says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for your message, but unfortunately we can’t check on individual submissions. We’re responding to each one though, so if you haven’t received any reply from us, it most likely means we haven’t seen yours yet! We are not being monsters when it comes to arrival dates, so if it was a bit late we would still have accepted it. We’re updating everyone via blog in the next week, so please keep an eye out for that. It should give you a good idea of where we are at the moment!


  102. Jeremy M. Gottwig says:

    Quick note.

    I mentioned a few publications in my letter. January and February have been good to me, and I have four more, including a major pro-pub. Feel free to ping me if you would like details.


    • Craig says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for letting us know. Congratulations! We’re making all decisions based on the material we read, so although we’re happy for your success it wouldn’t necessarily change how we read the story.


  103. Ran says:

    Hi Marcus, I too am worried whether my submission ‘Retrograde’ actually arrived. Auspost apparently only tracks parcels and letters to the Australian border, so when you have capacity(I realise you have a great many submissions to sort through), would it be possible to check whether it arrived? If not, I’ll chalk it up to the vagaries of international post and keep checking for the next time you open submissions!
    Thank you,

    • Craig says:

      Hi Ran,

      Thanks for your message. We are replying as we go, so if you haven’t received a note back regarding your submission that most likely means we are still getting to it. There were rather a lot of submissions! As there were so many we don’t have records of each individual submission so we can’t tell you if yours specifically arrived. Once we have finished responding to all submissions we will have a much better idea about what may have gone missing in the post!
      Thanks for your patience and we understand that it’s been a long wait. We’re doing our best to finish them and give each one the attention it deserves at the same time.

      All the best,

  104. Em Dehaney says:

    Hi there!

    At the risk of sounding panicky, how close are you to reaching the end of the pile yet? I haven’t heard anything (and I realise you are not giving feedback to everyone) so I just wondered if I should still be hoping for a note through the post?


  105. Claire Clements says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Thank you for answering everyone’s questions, it’s been helpful. I would just like to clarify something though, if that’s ok; are you emailing those who you feel you can give comment to and sending notes to those you do not wish to take further or are the notes also only to those who you feel you can give feedback too? Having sent my submission from Australia I’m just hoping it got to you ok and just want to make sure that if I don’t hear from you it doesn’t mean that you didn’t receive it at all! I realise you’re still getting through them but just wanted to check so that I know whether in a few months time, if I haven’t heard anything, I know that it is due to rejection and not to some sinister undertakings at the post office (which could inspire a new novel…) ;P

    Many thanks,

  106. Claire Clements says:

    Hi again,

    I think i just found the answer to the question i just submitted so no need to reply. I’ll just have faith that my submission got to you ok ☺

    Many thanks,

  107. Paul Brown says:

    I’d like to know the status of my submissions. Since I know you guys have been mailing out rejection cards and I have not gotten one I am freaked that my manuscripts (The Legacy and Veiled Memory) never arrived. Thanks

    • Craig says:

      Hi Paul,

      Please keep an eye out for a mailed response. We don’t have a record of every submission unfortunately. This is due to the quantity we received.
      If you haven’t heard anything in 3 months please query again.


  108. Ran says:

    Hi, I know you’re furiously working to get through the pile of manuscripts submitted so I understand if you can’t answer right away but I am wondering whether the submission I made reached you? Apparently Auspost only tracts international deliveries to our border, so they were unable to confirm delivery. When possible, could you let me know whether you received ‘Retrograde’? If not, I’ll resubmit the next time you open submissions. Since you aren’t responding to everyone (understandably! No doubt you are flooded with work!) I’d just appreciate knowing whether no response is a rejection or because my subscription went AWOL in the international post 🙂

    • Craig says:

      Hi Ran,

      We haven’t recorded every submission as that would have probably slowed the process down even further and made it difficult to finish. We are responding to almost every submission, and should be finished in two months. So, if you haven’t heard anything within about 3 months then query again.
      Sorry, I couldn’t be more help!


  109. Edward says:

    I see you have submission enty periods, do you know when the next submission will open (so I don’t miss it)?


  110. Srđan says:

    Well, I didn’t receive any comment, but knowing how busy you are and how hectic your business is, receiving a note which you have addressed by hand and have even included all of my country-specific characters, shows a great level of professionalism and respect. And showing such respect to someone whose work you don’t like and perhaps think is rubbish or maybe you haven’t even read past the cover letter, also shows character. So, I may never know what you hated the most, but you have proven you’re not monsters. And I very much appreciate the time you invested. In both the reading and the addressing. Wish you all the best.

  111. […] is going to have an open submission period in January (more details of which can be found here), perfect timing for you to polish off your NaNoWriMo drafts! I really hope they hold another […]

  112. VirtuallyWren says:

    I’m just curious on how the pile is coming along! 🙂 It must be getting smaller by the day.

    • Craig says:

      Slow and steady! That’s the way forward 🙂
      We’ll be updating everyone via blogpost in the next week with where we stand on submissions.


  113. B says:

    Hi there!

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but would it be possible for those of us still waiting to get an update on progress? 🙂 I’ve been checking Twitter for updates and stalking this comment thread in hopes someone else will ask again, but no one has in awhile. I’m preparing myself for the likely situation that my submission must have already been read and rejected, and that at this point, no news probably means bad news. Wondering how much hope one should still hold onto at this stage. 😀

    Thanks so much for your time and for this fantastic opportunity!


    • Craig says:

      Hi Brynne,

      Thanks for your message and for your patience! We’re going to be updating everyone about the status of the submissions in the next week. Keep an eye on the blog/twitter for when it goes live. We’re about three quarters of the way through and responding as we go. So in this case, no news is not necessarily bad news! We had far more submissions than we expected, which is why it is taking a long time.


  114. Jane Bigelow says:

    I see that you were about 50% through the massive manuscripts file in early March. When you’re done, do you plan to post a general announcement that you’re finished, and if so, where?

    Am trying hard not to fret. It does no good; I know that.

  115. Ford Peregrine Wade says:

    Dear Gollancz,

    I just wanted to tell you that owing to technical issues the email address I gave you doesn’t work any more. So in the (highly improbable I know!) eventuality that you should wish to contact me, please use the yahoo email address!

    Thank you very much for your understanding,


    • Craig says:

      Dear Ford,

      Thanks for your message. We’ve made a note of it! We’re responding to most submissions by mail though, so as long as that’s also correct you should get a response from us.


  116. *Apologies if this is a double-send. I commented last week, but haven’t seen it pop-up, so am trying again.

    Hey guys,
    The title I submitted for your consideration has attracted an offer from another publisher. They contacted me; I did not submit to them. Gollancz is still my first priority, so I made them aware that the title was still in your hands and that I wanted to wait for your response before discussing anything further. Being professionals, they understood.
    It sounds like you are nearing the end of the process, so I am sure an answer is coming for all of us, but I wanted to make you aware since you asked to be notified of other offers. If you would like more specific details, please feel free to contact me.
    Thanks for hosting this wonderful submissions process. The opportunity (and communication) has been a breath of fresh air. Here’s to the Non-Monsters!


    • Craig says:

      Dear Jonathan,

      No worries about double posting. Sometimes the internet has a way of swallowing messages!
      Congratulations on the offer from the other publisher. We would recommend proceeding with them as you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because you’re waiting to hear from someone else. A bird in the hand and all that!

      Best of luck,

      • Jonathan says:

        Thanks so much for the response. Not to dismiss your advice, but I am going to see the Gollancz submission through to the end before hitching my wagon to another house. I mean, I’ve come this far, right? 😉 Besides, the other publisher is willing to wait for me, so I figure I can wait, too.

        Thanks for bleeding through the eyeballs for us hopefuls!


  117. Helen says:

    Just wondering if you’re sending rejection letters as far afield as Australia? I know you’re not responding to everyone, but it would be lovely to get a note from you!

  118. Pam says:


    I’ve been trying to hold back the paranoia, but looking at the date and details of the previous post, should I now assume that my sub’ didn’t reach you?

    Regards and stifled sobs,

  119. Marion says:

    Hi Craig,

    Just checking – did you mean the update post will be on this blog? I’ve had a look around the website and not found one elsewhere. Alternatively, perhaps you’re lying pinned under a toppled mountain of submissions and we should summon help?


  120. Doreen says:


    Am I looking in the wrong place for the update mentioned above?


  121. David Craig says:

    Hi, I sent a submission in on January, I see from previous replies a blogpost has been updated with an update regarding the submissions; where can I find this blogpost? I had a look on the site but can’t see it.
    Many thanks


  122. B says:

    Hi again!

    Is an update still coming? I ask because something else I read seemed to suggest the reading was finished already.

    Thanks again!

  123. David Craig says:


    Re previous comment, has there been a blog update yet? I’ve looked, but always possible I’m looking in the wrong place 🙂


  124. Ezra says:

    Hi team Gollancz,

    Not to pressure anyone, but how are things going? I haven’t seen any updates since the response from Craig on April 25th…. so would just like to know how things stand?

    (Apologies if I have missed anything!)


  125. Sam says:

    Hi Gollancz!

    I noticed above you mentioned an update soon via the blog/Twitter. I just wanted to make sure that this is still to be published and I haven’t missed it anywhere along the line?

    Thanks 🙂

  126. Darren says:

    Hi Craig,

    On the update thread it says about getting in touch if we haven’t heard anything after the two months predicted to finish reading through all the submissions. I haven’t heard anything regarding my novel THE THESPIAN, and just wondered if it was still in play or has been rejected?


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