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Cover Reveal: Crosstalk

Gollancz Author: - May 23rd, 2016
Connie Willis, Cover Art, Cover Reveal

We are thrilled to be able to share with you the cover for Connie Willis’ stunning new book, Crosstalk. Connie Willis has won, among other accolades, ten Hugo Awards and six Nebula Awards for her writing, and was recently named an SFWA Grand Master. Crosstalk is Connie Willis’ stunning new romantic novel about making connections, privacy and family in the social media age.

Briddey is about to get exactly what she thinks she wants . . .

Briddey is a high-powered exec in the mobile phone industry, overseeing new products from concept (‘anything to beat the new apple phone’) to delivery. And she works with her wonderful partner, Trent. They’ve been together for six magical weeks, in a whirlwind of flowers, dinners, laughter and now comes the icing on the cake: not a weekend away or a proposal but something even better. An EDD. A procedure which will let them sense each other’s feelings. Trent doesn’t just want to tell her how much he loves her – he wants her to feel it.

The trouble is, Briddey can’t breathe a word of it to anyone (difficult, when the whole office is guessing) until she’s had two minutes to call her family. And they’re hounding her about the latest family drama.

The race is on: not just for new, cutting-edge technology, but also for a shred of privacy in a public world and – for Briddey – a chance for love at the heart of it all.

The amazing cover artwork was done by the fantastic Jamie Carr in the Orion Art Department.

Crosstalk will be available in trade paperback and ebook on the 15th September 2016. See the amazing cover and enter to win a copy of Crosstalk by filling in the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

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42 Responses to “Cover Reveal: Crosstalk”

  1. Diana says:

    Awesome 😘 Thank you for the chance 😊

  2. Lucyfishwife says:

    Done, done, done!

  3. Simon tutthill says:

    Wow great prize

  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Great prize!

  5. Jo Carroll says:

    Sounds fascinating. Just how far are we willing to go to share our lives using technology and where’s it all leading to?

  6. Pete says:

    Wow. Looks good.

  7. claire blaney says:

    look an awesome read x I would love one

  8. amy bondoc says:

    thankyou for a lovely giveaway !

  9. Emma says:

    Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  10. Jodie Harvey says:

    sounds good, yes please

  11. Solange says:

    Great prize.

  12. Annette Oliver says:

    I would love to read this book

  13. Rachel bridgeman says:

    Thank you so much for highlighting this book, it looks really good!

  14. Paul says:

    Just finished Fire Watch. Looking forward to some more Connie willis.

  15. Beadyjan says:

    I loved her time travel trilogy and this sounds fascinating too

  16. Kevin Sharp says:

    Will be the first Connie Willis I read on ebook.

  17. Chloe Smith says:

    Sounds brilliant! All done and dusted.

  18. I cannot wait to read this book!

  19. Mark says:

    sounds interesting. here’s hoping i win.

  20. Maria says:

    Amazing giveaway!

  21. Dave Graham says:

    what a fabulous cover and the book sounds brilliant!

  22. Anna Tomlinson says:

    Loving that cover! Can’t wait to read!

  23. Jane Willis says:

    This sounds a great read – and no, I’m NOT related to the author!

  24. Dave says:

    Looks like another winner from Willis.

  25. @badexampleman says:


  26. Ryan says:

    I loved Blackout and All Clear, and can’t wait for Crosstalk!

  27. Kate Z says:

    I love all of her books. Can’t wait for this one.

  28. Karoliina says:

    Wonderful chance!

  29. Karoliina says:

    One of my favourite writers!

  30. Hollie Hanna says:

    Would love to win this! 😀

  31. Hollie says:

    My first comment didn’t show, so thought I’d better submit another! Would really like to win this book 🙂

  32. Sarah Noakes says:

    It sounds excellent – whether I win or not, it’s going on my wishlist

  33. Charlotte Snow says:

    Awesome giveaway please count me in xx

  34. Christine says:

    A sci-fi rom-com? Sounds fun!

  35. bearskinny says:

    An EDD. Would I have one? Who could resist??

  36. Donna Knight-Olds says:

    Sounds like it explores some interesting concepts so I would love to read.

  37. Steven Poore says:

    love that cover. 🙂

  38. Gill says:

    how much do I love that cover design! and how much do I need this book on my shelves

  39. Rosie Dunningham says:

    Wow this looks like a fantastic read! Wonderful giveaway 🙂

  40. keri says:

    This is amazing! That cover is gorgeous… I’m looking forward to seeing Connie’s take on the telepathy thing here (I mean, it seems to be an updated telepath story, maybe?). It sounds clever – not surprising for her! 🙂

  41. Andrea A says:

    Sounds intriguing. The cover image makes you stop and take another glance.

  42. Susan Carruthers says:

    All done, thanks!

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