Which Ben Aaronovitch character are you?

Are you a little bit of Lesley or a lot of Peter Grant? Find out in our personality quiz! To celebrate the publication of The Hanging Tree  we’ve devised this handy personality quiz. But, wait, there’s more! As well as being able to identify yourself with an iconic character from the Peter Grant series, and know yourself that little bit better, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a signed copy of The Hanging Tree and miniature Hanging Tree.

hanging trees-min

Take the quiz and leave a comment below to enter to win one of our signed mini hanging trees and a signed copy of The Hanging Tree!

Competition ends 11/11/16, UK only. Terms and conditions apply. For full terms and conditions click here.

  • Richard Tysoe

    So apparently I’m Beverly Brook. I thought I was more of a Mr Punch.

  • I’m Nightingale apparently. I’ll take that – police Dumbledore but better dressed and with a nice car!

  • Omg I’m Lesley 😂

  • claire thorpe

    I got Lesley! She sounds like a lovely person!! 😀

  • Laura

    I got toby, can’t argue that. I like good food and lots of sleep 😀 Haha

  • Pauline Garner

    Ha,ha,ha- well I wasn’t expecting Toby the dog! 😄

  • carl morries

    Brilliant I’m a River Deity – Beverly Brook 🙂

  • David Nouvel

    I am Nightingale. I love this character! Yay! <3

  • David Nouvel

    I got Nightingale. Awesome. I love this character. <3

  • Ian

    Haha great fun!

  • Donna

    Apparently I’m Peter Grant. I’ll take that! 🙂

  • Peter

    I’m Lesley??? Well people have said I’d look better with a mask

  • M Denham

    Nightingale? well I suppose I do have the odd technological glitch…..

    Finally going to get my hands on this book – it has been a long wait, Cheers!

  • Jon Madden


  • DC Clark

    Beverley Brook for me.

    Not disappointed but I kind of hoped I was Nightingale.

  • Jon

    Peter Grant! Obviously, the main character in everyone’s story!

  • Alice

    I got Nightingale! Woop!

  • Doug

    Nightingale for me as well

  • Nightingale 😁

  • Sarah

    Lesley. Well, that’s both reassuring and ominous.

  • Sandra

    Oh – Peter Grant…Quite pleased about that. Thought I’d be Molly, so a bit of a relief…

  • Ken Doyle

    Nightingale. I’ll take that. I think I’m slightly less destructive though

  • Jo

    A female Peter Grant, I see a new career opening.

  • Cat

    Ha, I’m Peter! Explains all the phone issues…

  • Izzy

    Beverly Brook! Thrilled!

  • Helen

    I’m Nightingale. I’m happy with that!

  • Julia Bunston

    As an Aquarius I thought I would be one of the watery sisters

  • Bianca R

    I got Nightingale! 😂

  • Jillanne David

    Toby the Dog! Woof!

  • Phew, came out as Nightingale. Happy with that – also fits, since my surname is already of avian persuasion.

  • Sharon Anderson

    Apparently I’m Peter Grant! Which is quite amusing, considering no one has ever called me down-to-earth.

  • Jaytee

    So I’m Lesley? Sad. *Really* should be Nightingale…

  • Yay! Very happy to be Peter!

  • Libby

    Lesley. Hmmm…

  • Nicola Waugh

    High flying! Brilliant! Hi, I’m Lesley and I can certainly embrace my dark side.

  • Natalie

    Oooh I’m Nightingale! I’m pleased with that. Top magical ability and a mysterious past… I like it!! 😉

  • Nightingale. Something reassuring about that

  • Andrew Barton (MadLogician)

    Nightingale! I can neither confirm nor deny that this result pleases me.

  • Kirsty

    Peter! Nice one 😀

  • janine atkin

    I’m lesley

  • Keith Berry

    Pete Grant, apparently.

  • ScarletBea

    Nightingale! Cool

  • Clare Zigmond

    I got Lesley, was expecting Nightingale.

    Looking forward to the audiobook downloading.

  • Michaela

    I’m well chuffed with that.

  • frank milum-palmer

    see above

  • Pretty much however I go through the quiz, where I had a couple of options I wasn’t sure about, I turn out to be Lesley! Okay!

  • Eileen

    Nightingale. That’s fine, though I was hoping for Molly.

  • Tonje

    I’m Beverly! That’s cool, I like that 🙂

  • Emma Ryal

    Peter Grant, I’ll take that

  • Karen

    I’m Nightingale! I thought I’d be Molly, but yay! I get the Jag (smiley face)

  • Susan Jackson

    Lesley it seems, I’ll take that!

  • Jo

    Beverley Brook! Strangely appropriate I’m always swimming.

  • Thomas

    Good old Lesley, I’m happy with that.

  • Donna Knight-Olds

    I will one day – when i am older! – be like Nightingale.

  • Trish

    I got Nightingale – very pleased!

  • Matt Zitron

    I got Nightingale, because I’m pure class.

  • Lisa Dolatowski

    Nightingale for me! I can totally see this!

  • Paul C

    Lesley! Bit of a suprise – just like she is!

  • WillMayBeWise

    Hmm, Lesley. Can’t argue.

    And is it me, or are the book titles getting more sinister?

  • Lee Glover

    Ooooo nightingale! My favourite !

  • Daniel Bateman

    Nightingale for me 🙂

  • Jfef

    Lesley, awesome! Can’t wait to read the latest edition!

  • Adam Selby-Martin


  • Sally Elvish

    I’m Nightingale and very pleased. He’s so cool and totally unlike me!