*OPEN SUBMISSION ALERT* We’ve got some news!

Hello everyone,

As you have probably noticed our deadline has, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams, whooshed by. This is despite our best efforts as rereading and considering each submission as well as writing handwritten notes to everyone in the last rounds was rather time consuming!

However, we are now down to the last stretch. The end is in sight! (or nigh depending on how you look at it)

The following titles remain on our list under consideration.

  • Collusion
  • To Moor-Ocean Green
  • The Widowers Song
  • Higher Ground
  • Hrimland
  • Porta Coili, the Order of Saint Ceclina
  • Bent
  • Torn
  • A Mars Cat and his Boy
  • Kismet
  • To End All Wars
  • The Blue Magus
  • Strawberry Girl
  • Mind The Gap
  • A Man Repeated
  • Rough Diamond
  • Timepump
  • The Crow Knight
  • The Sorrow Eaters
  • State of the Mind
  • The Golden Virginian
  • The Company of Birds


If your book is here, it means we are still considering whether or not to call in a full.

We’ve already started calling in full manuscripts and haven’t listed those here as we’re contacting them separately.

Anyone not on here should have received a response, and if not, then with our deepest apologies we have to assume it was either lost in the mail or were some of the few in the beginning that did not receive notes. We would kindly request that you do not email querying your manuscript if it is not on this list.

If it is, then congratulations! Thank you for being so patient. We will try and get back to everyone with either a note turning it down or a request for a full in the next month or two.

All the best,

Team Gollancz


Jen works in the Gollancz/Indigo marketing team. Originally from New York, she talks too loud (and far too fast). When not marketing books or devising evil genius plans (as she prefers to think of marketing) she reads too much, adventures as much as possible and is learning the difference between US and UK English (it’s a complex process). She has a weakness for brilliant YA novels, fairy tales, myths, chocolate tea and trashy American TV. She also has a pathological hatred of mayo. You can follow her on Twitter: @gennmcmenemy
  • Loren Sandboe

    Gollancz team, I just received my note in the mail. I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for all of your consideration and time during this massive undertaking, and for the words of encouragement that followed. Sending out personal notes really speaks to your dedication to the process, and to your commitment to all the people who sent their work to you. Those chosen should be truly thrilled to have further chance to work with you. I hope you see you again next time!

    • Hi Loren,

      Thanks for your comment. We appreciate it! And thank you for submitting and we hope you received some useful feedback. Keep on writing!


  • Mytholder

    Is there any way to check if a given manuscript was received? I’m not in the above list, and got no postcard. (I know I may have been one of the early few that didn’t get a note, but having waited on tenterhooks for this long, I’d love to have some closure.)

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately not as we didn’t keep a record of individual submissions. We’re very sorry you didn’t get a response!

  • Chris

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the update!

    I haven’t received any news as to the outcome of my submission. Should I assume my manuscript was rejected or that I will receive a request for my full manuscript soon?


  • BA

    Hi Gollancz,

    Just to clarify as the wording is slightly unclear – does this mean that there are full manuscript requests you’re about to contact, but who haven’t yet been contacted and who aren’t on that list?
    Thanks, and sorry to bother you

    • Hi,
      Sorry for the lack of clarity.

      We’ve have already contacted some people to call in full manuscripts. Those weren’t included in the list.

      If a title doesn’t appear on the list and the author has not been contacted that would mean their submission was turned down.

      Hope that makes more sense!

      • BA

        Thanks Craig, clears that up

  • Mike

    How are you calling in the fulls – by physical letter or email or phone? Also, how long will this part of the process take, ie until all those you’ve currently selected have been called in? Thanks

    • We’re emailing if possible. The ones we called in fulls for have been contacted. The listed ones are still under consideration and may still be called in.

  • Darren

    Thanks for the update!

    Of those manuscripts that are not listed but you’re calling in the fulls for, have all of the full requests been sent out, or are there still some pending?


    • Hi Darren – yes, we’ve contacted the fulls already and the list are those still under consideration.

  • Chris

    Hi Gollanz team,

    Thanks for the update! Much appreciated!
    I haven’t received any news on my manuscript submission, should I assume that it was rejected or that you are contacting me separately requesting my full manuscript?

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately, if you’ve not been contacted and aren’t listed that would mean we turned it down.


      • Chris

        Hi Craig,

        Thank you for the clarification.
        I won’t lie, a bit disappointed that I was unsuccessful, but I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read it 🙂
        Also, sorry for commenting multiple times, when the first comment didn’t appear, I thought maybe it didn’t register so I commented again! Sorry!

        Kind Regards,

  • AB

    Hi Gollancz – thank you very much for considering The Devil’s Divine, if it reached you. It’s just my luck I’ll never know!

  • Rebecca

    I have to admit I was very surprised to get a card yesterday! I assumed my submission had gotten lost on the way. 🙂 That’s very thoughtful of you to send those. I appreciate the kind words and encouragement. Thank you for taking on such a mammoth project — I’m sure we’re all looking forward to seeing the books that come from it.

  • I check every week and never saw an announcement that the direct submissions opened in March of this year. I can’t find anything about that in your archives either. Please, where and how do you let authors know when direct submission reading periods are going to be?

    • We’ve not announced any open submissions. This was just an update about the results of last year’s. When we open again we will announce it and give everyone fair warning!

  • CGD

    Hi Gollancz Team,

    I just read your card and feedback for my submission (a month late, my fault). Though it’s a rejection, I’m delighted by your positive words and inspired to keep honing my craft. I’ve had a great few weeks and this is just making things better.

    Thank you for all your time and effort and for putting a big smile on my face (with a rejection of all things).