Happy Publication Day: 25th July 2019!

Ironically, on the hottest day of the year in the UK, we have a brand-new fantasy to share with you, set on the frosted streets of an alternate Reykjavik. If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting to read while you relax in this baking heat, look no further!

Shadows of the Short Days, Alexander Dan Vilhjalmsson

A strikingly original Icelandic debut set in an alternate Reykjavik where wild and industrialised magic meet. Beneath the northern lights, across the frost-covered city, an outcast guerrilla artist and a rebellious, drug-addicted sorcerer will start a revolution.

Sæmundur the Mad, addict and sorcerer, has been expelled from the magical university, Svartiskóli, and can no longer study galdur, an esoteric source of magic. Obsessed with proving his peers wrong, he will stop at nothing to gain absolute power and knowledge, especially of that which is long forbidden.

Garún is an outcast: half-human, half-huldufólk, fighting against an unjust government that refuses to grant people like her basic rights. A militant revolutionary and graffiti artist, recklessly dismissive of the status quo, she will do anything to achieve a just society, including spark a revolution. Even if she has to do it alone.

This is a tale of revolution set in a twisted version of Reykjavik fuelled by industrialised magic and populated by humans, interdimensional exiles, otherworldly creatures, psychoactive graffiti and demonic familiars.

Perfect for fans of contemporary fantasy in the style of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere or China Miéville’s The City & The City.

Praise for Shadows of the Short Days:

‘A marvellous, quirky, original fantasy novel set in a magical steampunk version of Reykjavik: teeming with magic, dense with detail and with characters that not only leap off the page, but poke you in the eye as they do. Highly recommended’ Joanne Harris

‘Fresh and exciting: full of dark, demonic, revolutionary shenanigans’ Peter Newman

‘A pacy, racy read that blends racial and political issues with traditional urban fantasy fare’ Starburst

‘Vividly imagined and compelling’ SFX

‘A heady mix of revolution, monsters and magic, this is a novel of alternative Reykjavik in which myth and religion are alive – and hungry’ Anna Stephens

Shadows of the Short Days is available to buy now in hardback, trade paperback, eBook and audio download. Get your copy here!