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Anna Caltabiano

Anna CaltabianoAnna Caltabiano was born in British colonial Hong  Kong and educated in Mandarin Chinese schools before moving to Palo  Alto, California; the mecca of futurism. She lives down the street from  Facebook in the town where its founders reside, along with the pioneers  of Google and Apple.

The Seventh Miss Hatfield is out in July 2014.

Exclusive Interview with Anna Caltabiano

The final book in Anna Caltabiano’s Seventh Miss Hatfield trilogy, THE DAY BEFORE FOREVER, is out Thursday 24th November and we can’t wait! Anna has taken a break from her studying to talk to us about writing rituals, book recommendations and things that are stranger than fiction. . .

 Who is your favourite author? Now this has to be the hardest question. Though I like my modern, still-living authors, I’m a huge fan of the classics—Dickens, Fitzgerald, Austen. … More

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Friday Read: The Seventh Miss Hatfield

We’re cheating a bit this week, as The Seventh Miss Hatfield isn’t actually out until the 31st July . . .

The Seventh Miss Hatfield  is the book everyone here at Gollancz cannot stop talking about. This spellbinding debut from the hugely talented Anna Caltabiano is a tale of time-travel, 19th-century New York, unrequited love and a mysterious portrait . . . the perfect book to devour this weekend.

Plus, the eBook of The Seventh Miss Hatfield is … More

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Introducing The Seventh Miss Hatfield

Gollancz Editor, Marcus Gipps, introduces us to Anna Caltabiano’s The Seventh Miss Hatfield.

When her agent first told me about Anna Caltabiano, I was a little sceptical. A 17-year-old who’d written her second novel? Her second? I’m a firm believer that anyone has the potential to write a good novel, but generally it takes a lot of practice and experience to make it work. However I had worked with Anna’s agent before, and knew that she was taking this very … More

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Exclusive Cover Reveal: The Seventh Miss Hatfield

We’re delighted to reveal the cover for our July debut, The Seventh Miss Hatfield by Anna Caltabiano. Anna was only 17 when she wrote this book and I hope that you will be as entranced and impressed with it as I – and the rest of the team here at Orion – were.

This beautiful cover was created and designed by the fantastic Sinem Erkas, and we’re very grateful for her fine work. There’ll be lots more about this book coming out as we near publication – and Anna will be over in the UK to launch the book !

As one of 2014’s Gollancz debuts, we will also be offering the ebook at the reduced price of £1.99 from now until the first week of publication. Look for it to appear on your favourite e-retailer soon!


 Who is Miss Hatfield? Elderly neighbour or girl next door . . .

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Gollancz Announces £1.99 eBook promotion for all 2014 debuts

One of the great joys of publishing is the discovery of a new writer. For the editor reading the submission, the growing feeling of excitement is like a happy virus that first infects the commissioning editor and then – in true evolutionary fashion – demands to be spread to others. Editorial colleagues, senior management, Sales, Marketing and Publicity all need to be won over, so that the entire company shares the excitement of the commissioning editor.

Only after all of those … More

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