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Happy Publication Day 27th April 2017!

Gollancz Team: - April 27th, 2017
Book Birthday

It’s a very happy and creepy crawly publication day today! We have SKITTER, the spider-filled sequel to THE HATCHING by Ezekiel Boone. The deadly flesh-eating spiders has been defeated, but as the world reels from the unprecedented disaster, one scientist believes that there is more to come. We’ve only dealt with the first wave…

Out now in hardback, eBook and audio download!

We’re also thrilled to release BLADE BOUND, the final instalment of the Chicagoland Vampires series from Chloe … More

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A new model of the hero – Steph Swainston talks Fair Rebel and the Castle books

Gollancz Team: - December 5th, 2016
Author Post

We are thrilled to welcome Steph Swainston back to the Gollancz blog for a special guest post on heroes, Fair Rebel and the Castle series.

These days, heroism isn’t hard to find. The cinemas abound with superheroes; a boy wizard is recognised around the globe, even the Jedi have returned again. These can be fun, exciting, uplifting. But the same thing links them all; their talent is intrinsic. They are born, products of hallowed bloodlines, or created by mysterious outside forces. … More

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