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Paul Hussey is the Senior Production Controller in charge of getting all the lovely Gollancz books made. He took on the Gollancz list in 2007 and hasn’t stopped reading SFF since.

Friday Reads: Poison

Gollancz Team: - April 19th, 2013
Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Friday Reads, Sarah Pinborough

‘Fairy Tales’ have always been something for children. Now that I’m 35 I think I’ve well and truly outgrown ‘fairy tales’. The sort of books I read are normally far darker and nastier than anything you get in a ‘fairy tale’ but as I now have two children it’s not going to be very long before I’m reading them tales of Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella and even Snow White. I’m definitely not going to be reading them More

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Friday Reads: Wild Cards

Gollancz Team: - April 12th, 2013
George R.R. Martin, Wild Cards


Superheroes are big business these days. They’ve always been popular, Superman and Captain America have been going since the late 1930s and 1940s respectively, so there has always been an appeal for this sort of character. In the modern age they are huge because of the very good movies based on the comic book source material. The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers (yes I know it was released as Avengers Assemble in the UK but I point blank … More

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Sarah Pinborough is my Mistress now

Gollancz Team: - February 16th, 2012
Horror, Sarah Pinborough

Mixing genres can be a really tricky thing. Ideas that looks pretty superb on paper can quite often end up being total rubbish when completed; none more so, for me, than combining a Cop Thriller with the Supernatural. It’s all about the balance, getting the right amount of ‘pure’ thriller mixed in with the right amount of supernatural-elements you want without pushing it too far one way or the other and losing readers who might be drawn more to one … More

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Why you should read Pierre Pevel

Gollancz Team: - November 17th, 2011
Fantasy, Pierre Pevel, Reviews

There is something about swashbucklers that really brings out the excited child in me. I have no idea what it is but sword fights, proper sword fights really get me onto the edge of my seat. Loving every move, every cut and parry and thrust. Like a deadly dance, it is absolutely mesmeric. As I grew older and broadened my reading horizons I found that a lot of these swashbuckling movies were based on equally swashbuckling novels. And sometimes, dare … More

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