Happy Publication Day 21st April 2016!

pub day into nemesisOn this Thursday, 21 April, let it be known that two absolutely corking sequels have been released into the science fiction wilds. Go forth and hunt them down!

The first is by the modern master of SF, Paul McAuley, who takes you Into Everywhere with the Jackaroo. Are they really here to help us? Then why is their past littered with dead alien races?

The author of our second book was praised as ‘a major new talent’ by Stephen Baxter and he really is. Alex Lamb’s debut was brilliant hard SF, and the sequel Nemesis is just as quantum-y! Having the power of an ancient alien race at your fingertips is just as dangerous as it sounds . . .

Into Everywhere by Paul McAuley is future history at its best. Continue the story began in Something Coming Through and discover the truth about our so-called alien benefactors.

 Humanity’s future has been disrupted and shaped by the mysterious alien Jackaroo. We spread to the planets they gave us, and we discovered the ruins of a dozen previous civilisations. All previous clients of the Jackaroo. All dead.

A woman living a quiet secluded life, with only her dog and her demons for company. The dissolute heir to a powerful merchant family. The laminated brain of the woman who led us into the universe. A policeman, seemingly working for the Jackaroo.

All of these people are on the edges of a vast plan, one which will span decades and light years.

We may finally discover if the aliens really are here to help us . . .

‘Smart . . . challenging . . . very impressive’ SFX

‘Intelligent hardcore SF’ GUARDIAN

Into Everywhere is out now in trade paperback, ebook and audio download.


Nemesis by Alex Lamb is hard-hitting space-based SF that follows on from the action-packed story of Roboteer.

Years ago, interstellar war was fought between Earth and its genetically engineered colonists. An uneasy peace was negotiated as both sides realised something else was sharing our universe.

Something that had plans for us.

But the aliens have remained silent. The Earthers have begun to test the peace treaty. And a system-wide conspiracy threatens to plunge humanity back into war.

Now one man, his head full of alien technology, must get to the bottom of the plot, find out what the aliens want and stop the oncoming war. And his journey will uncover a new threat.


Roboteer hits  the ground running . . . Lamb handles the politics without resorting to  info dumps and in Will has created a sympathetic and well-rounded hero’ GUARDIAN

‘Lamb shares Hamilton’s ability to sustain a  breakneck narrative where you always want to rush ahead and see what  happens next. Hugely promising’ SFX

Roboteer is out now in trade paperback and ebook.