Happy Publication Day 25th May 2016!

Pub Day Pic - Invisible Planets Man Who Fell to Earth 2It’s publication day for two of our more literary science fiction authors. The first is a modern collection of short fiction from one of the most exciting new voices in science fiction, Hannu Rajaniemi. The second is a new addition to our SF Masterworks series, which collects only the absolute best science fiction ever published, so you can be sure The Man Who Fell to Earth is a definite ‘TBR’.


Invisible Planets: Collected Fiction by Hannu Rajaniemi brings together the best short stories by the modern master who brought you The Quantum Thief, The Fractal Prince and The Causal Angel. This is award-winning, mind-bending fiction . . .

Inside the firewall, the city is alive.

Buildings breathe, cars attack, angels patrol, hyperintelligent pets rebel.

This much-anticipated first collection from one of the world’s hottest SF authors contains seventeen stories, a neurofiction experiment, and a selection of his Twitter microfiction.

 How will human nature evolve when the only limit to desire is creativity? What happens when the distinction between humans and gods is as small as nanomachines or as large as the universe? Journeying deep into inner and outer space, the stories collected here explore the future in all its complexity.

‘Hannu Rajaniemi’s magnificent science fiction . . . it’s pure magic’ NPR.com

‘The best and most original debut anthology since Angela Carter’s FireworksWall Street Journal

Invisible Planets: Collected Fiction is now available in trade paperback and eBook.


The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis, made into a film starring David Bowie, is just one of Walter Tevis’ many classic works of fiction, which included The Hustler, The Colour of Money, and another SF classic, Mockingbird. With an introduction by Ken MacLeod, this is a Masterwork you need to read.

Thomas Jerome Newton is an alien from the planet Anthea, an advanced world that has been devastated by a series of nuclear wars. When he hands on Earth, disguised as a human, it’s with the intention of saving his own people from extinction.

Patenting advanced Anthean technology, he soon begins to amass the fortune he needs to help his people. But there are some who are suspicious of Newton’s company’s innovative products, and suspect there is more to this man than meets the eye . . .

‘An utterly realistic novel about an alien human on Earth . . . realistic enough to become a metaphor for something inside us all, some existential aloneness’ Norman Spinrad

‘Beautiful science fiction . . . The story of an extra-terrestrial visitor from another planet is designed mainly to say something about life on this one’  New York Times

The Man Who Fell to Earth is available now in paperback and eBook.