Miles Cameron

2014: The Conclusions

We’re still celebrating the new year at Gollancz, and all the glorious books we have coming in 2014. Today we’re talking about some favourite Gollancz series that are concluding, in fabulous, gripping and sometimes heart-breaking style this year.  Ultima, by the wonderful Stephen Baxter, concludes the space-exploration dulogy he began with Proxima. Our galaxy is […]

The Red Knight: A Thorn in their side, and a competition!

Today we have both an extract and a competition! On Friday, we met the Wild, which proved its bite is even sharper than its bark, and today we have one last pivotal, character to introduce. His name is Thorn, he has set the board for a game against man, and now the pieces are moving… […]

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The Red Knight: get ready for something Wild…

So far this week we’ve met the Company, The Red Knight, The Abbess and the novice Amicia . . . now it’s the Wild’s turn. It’s the great force which used to control the land, the creatures which roamed free until man came and changed the landscape. Today we have a glimpse into the relationship […]

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The Red Knight: the toughest Abbess in fantasy is here!

The world has been described, the battle with the Wild has begun . . . today, meet one of the toughest characters in The Red Knight. Not the knight himself, but the fabulous Abbess. Tough as nails and smart as a tack, she’s the fantasy equivalent of James Bond’s M – with the one-liners and […]

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The Red Knight: a nun, many bodies, and a mystery to solve…

Yesterday we met the Company, today we’re giving you a sneak peek into the world of trouble they find waiting for them. It’s a land torn by civil war and a constant fight against the (awesome) creatures of the Wild, and this is just the very beginning of what they can do. Not just magic, […]

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The Red Knight: meet The Company!

This week we have so much fab content for you it’s not true! Check in every morning for amazing Halloween spookiness, and then come back every afternoon for an extract of this year’s Gollancz debut: THE RED KNIGHT, by Miles Cameron. It’s already had reviews prising the historical accuracy, the pace and the sheer bloody […]

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Happy Publication Day to THE RED KNIGHT!

Today is the day! The Red Knight has been released onto a book shelf near you. If you’re looking for an epic story packed with flawed, fascinating characters, battle, mayhem and to feel the heat of battle for real, then look no further. Wyverns will be fought, nuns will be wooed, honour will be defended […]

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Miles Cameron Introduces THE RED KNIGHT

What better way to introduce you to a forthcoming book, than from the perspective of the author who wrote it?! We’re welcoming Miles Cameron to the blog today, to talk a little about where The Red Knight came from . . . Introducing The Red Knight I love to fight with swords almost as much […]

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THE RED KNIGHT- Cover Reveal

Last week we announced that we’re bringing debut fantasy author Miles Cameron to the Gollancz list this year, with his epic, blood-soaked series starring The Red Knight. There will be more information coming over the next few weeks, to whet your appetite, but for the moment feast your eyes on the fabulous cover art, by the […]

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Gollancz Acquires THE RED KNIGHT

Gollancz is very pleased to announce that debut fantasy author Miles Cameron is joining the list in 2012 with a new, bloody, epic series that will knock your socks off – and possibly knock out a few teeth as well. So prepare to get your hands dirty in some of the most vivid battle scenes […]

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The Red Knight- Cover Reveal!

We are thrilled to be bringing you a sneak peak at the cover for one of this year’s most exciting debuts! Any hot-blooded fantasy fan is going to find The Red Knight pretty hard to resist. You’ll be hearing more about Miles Cameron’s amazing debut over the coming months, but to whet your appetite here’s […]

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On the tenth day of Christmas…

It’s the first day back at work in Gollancz towers today, so let’s celebrate with a quick peek into the future at the three amazing debut authors coming up this year – and three new projects from familiar faces, to delight you*. Gollancz is thrilled to welcome Michael J. Ward to the list, with the […]


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