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SF Gateway & Gollancz: the John W. Campbell Award-Winners

As noted earlier in posts about the Hugos, Nebulas, Arthur C. Clarke and BSFA Awards, SF Gateway and Gollancz have quite a decent strike rate in the major genre prizes. So how do we score with the John W. Campbell, Jr Memorial Award? Well, in keeping with earlier efforts: not bad, not bad at all . […]

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SF Gateway: the Hugo Winners

Following our posts celebrating Gollancz and SF Gateway’s BSFA, Arthur C. Clarke and Nebula Award-winning novels . . . it’s the Hugo Awards!  And we’re delighted to say we have a very creditable 30 out of 62 winners, including the first and (for another couple of months, at least) most recent winners. Look: 1953 The Demolished […]

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From the Attic VI: The 2014 Nebula Award for Best Novel

The Nebula Awards are presented annually by the SF Writers of America in four categories, Novel, Novella, Novellette and Short Story.  This year’s awards will be announced on the weekend of 16-17th May.  I know some people place more value on such awards than others, but I certainly find the shortlists for the major SF […]

SF Gateway: the Nebula Winners

We’ve looked at the BSFA and Arthur C. Clarke Awards for best novel and now, with the Nebula Weekend fast approaching (May 15-18), we thought we’d look at the best novel prize awarded each year by The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). As with the previous two awards, our showing in the […]

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SF Gateway: the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winners

A few weeks ago, we highlighted our success over the lifetime of the BSFA Awards, with SF Gateway and Gollancz combined having a staggering 33 of the 43 winners to date. We’re hoping that will go up to 34 out of 44, when this year’s award is announced 65th Eastercon in Glasgow, the weekend after […]

SF Gateway: the BSFA Award-winners

With the 65th Eastercon just round the corner and with it the presentation of the BSFA Awards, we thought it appropriate to take a look over the history of the award and see how many of our titles have won the award since it was relaunched in its current form in 1970. And we’re glad […]

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The World Fantasy Awards

Huge congratulations to the winners of the World Fantasy Awards, which were presented over the weekend at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton.  It’s become something of a cliché to say that it’s an honour simply to be nominated, but a quick look down the list of nominees shows the incredible depth of talent in […]

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60 Years of the Hugo Awards

Thanks to our friends at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction – and, in particular, their indispensable On This Day function, we see that the first Hugo Awards were presented 60 years ago, today, at Philcon II (the second Philadelphia Worldcon). Alfred Bester‘s The Demolished Man was the winner of the inaugural Best Novel award, with […]

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SF Masterwork of the Week: To Say Nothing of the Dog

Our current SF Masterwork of the Week is Connie Willis‘s 1998 time-travel comedy-cum-mystery novel To Say Nothing of the Dog. Ned Henry is a time-travelling historian who specialises in the mid-20th century – currently engaged in researching the bombed-out Coventry Cathedral. He’s also made so many drops into the past that he’s suffering from a […]

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Dave Duncan Honoured by SFC

As noted at the website of his excellent US publisher, E-Reads, we’re delighted to share the news that Dave Duncan has been elected a lifetime member of SFCanada, Canada’s National Association of Speculative Fiction Professionals. SF Gateway publishes some thirty of Dave Duncan‘s titles, under licence from E-Reads, and we’re delighted to congratulate him on […]

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SF Gateway at Eastercon

There will be an SF Gateway presence at the 64th Eastercon this weekend. I will be accompanying my excellent Gollancz colleagues, Gillian Redfearn and Marcus Gipps (and possibly Jon Weir, although his attendance quantum waveform remains tantalisingly uncollapsed at the time of writing this) to the <ahem> sunny climes of Bradford for EightSquaredCon. In addition […]

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In Praise of . . . The Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve published a lot of books over the year-and-a-half SF Gateway has been live. We’ve certainly noticed it – you don’t publish 1,800 books by more than 150 authors without becoming intimately aware of the scale of the task you’ve taken on! This is not to say it’s a chore – […]

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SF Masterwork of the Week: Take Back Plenty

We’re sure you’d agree that it would take a pretty extraordinary book to prompt no less an August personage than Brian Aldiss to say: ‘Greenland proves himself the Verdi of space opera. Awesome orchestration admirable arias!’ And if that book also prompted the respected and award-winning magazine Interzone to say, ‘A masterpiece. If you ever […]

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New Book of the Week: To Your Scattered Bodies Go

Announcing the news you’ve all been waiting for: we have at last published To Your Scattered Bodies Go, the first book in Philip José Farmer‘s acclaimed Riverworld series. Hurrah! For reasons we laid out right at the beginning in the site’s FAQs, we knew we would have to publish some series out of order, and […]

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Classic SF Anagrams: The Solutions

For those of you still scratching your heads over Friday’s anagrams (or, indeed, over why allegedly grown adults would spend their time creating such a thing), here are the answers: Mash the Demon! Die! is an anagram of the very first Hugo-winner, Alfred Bester‘s The Demolished Man Edit: No, it isn’t. As pointed our by […]

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