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Gollancz Signings this Autumn

Gollancz are running some exciting events this autumn, so we thought it only fair to share a round-up with you. Lots of chances to meet some of your favourite authors and get one (or many) books signed – don’t miss out!   PAT ROTHFUSS Brighton, Thursday 31st October Pat will be signing books and offering […]

Behind the Sofa: Scott Lynch

Now, we’ve tried to keep it pretty quiet, and not make a fuss, but you may have heard a rumour that Scott Lynch has a new book out. We can confirm that this is true – The Republic of Thieves is out now for your enjoyment, and we reckon it’s pretty flippin’ good. But did […]

Behind the Sofa: Ben Aaronovitch

At the end of this month, we’re going to be publishing an expanded edition of Behind the Sofa, a collection of celebrity memories of Doctor Who. All the royalties will go to Alzheimer’s Research UK, as co-ordinator Steve Berry’s chosen charity, and the book also includes a foreword from Terry Pratchett.  We have another celebrity memory to […]

Behind the Sofa: Memories of Doctor Who

On October 31st, Gollancz will be thrilled to publish an expanded edition of Behind the Sofa, a collection of celebrity memories of Doctor Who. Put together by Steve Berry to benefit Alzheimer’s Research UK after his mother was diagnosed with the illness, his self-published version raised over £20,000 for the charity. Our edition has an […]

Classic Guides to Doctor Who, Star Trek and join the SFGateway!

Gollancz and the SF Gateway are delighted to announce the eBook return of a series of classic unauthorised guides to genre TV by the authorial team of Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping. The five books were bought by Gollancz editor Marcus Gipps, and include a guide to Doctor Who. Marcus Gipps said: “I’m […]

What We’re Watching: The Almighty Johnsons Season 3

This is a series you really, really can’t miss. Because it’s wonderful. The Norse gods have been exiled from their homeland and are living in New Zealand. Each of them comes into their god-aspect on their 21st birthday, and from then on have minor but effective powers. However, should Odin (one of the Johnson family […]

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The Burqa Joins The League of Cape and Cowl

The excellent Mahvesh Murad runs a book review show on Pakistani radio (indeed the ONLY book review show on Pakistani radio). This is of course A GOOD THING. But it’s A GOOD THING that I would never have come across were it not for running into Mahvesh on Twitter, so hooray for Twitter. Mahvesh was […]

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The new Doctor Who

So I had a lovely day on Sunday, as it was my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. When I say lovely, I mean tiring. But we managed to detach the last child from someone else’s present, and the last adult from their glass of wine, and even got halfway to tidying up before seven. Then bottle […]

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Re-Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation

Space: the final frontier . . . These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise . . . Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds . . . To seek out new life and new civilisations . . . To boldly go where no man has gone before. It was with these words, first […]

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The Kingkiller Chronicles have been optioned for TV adaptation!

Some fantastic news for the day! The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss have been optioned for a TV adaptation by New Regency Productions and 20th Century Fox Television. Eric Heisserer (of Hours and The Thing) will be adapting the series and will also work as an executive producer alongside Arnon Milchan, Andrew Plotkin, Brad Weston […]

What We’re Watching: The Returned

I started watching The Returned when my excitable Francophile housemate realised that Scandicrime was out and it was all about our French neighbours (well, according to the Guardian, at least). I haven’t gotten into a supernatural show since the demise of Lost made me dismiss any attempts in fear of losing another 130 hours of […]

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Superhero Week: The Wonder of Lynda Carter

JandLAnyone who either knows me, or has seen my tweets, can’t help but notice I am something of a Wonder Woman fan. And it’s all because of Lynda Carter.

The former Miss America first slipped into the slinky costume of red, white and blue back in the 1970s for a TV movie called The New Original Wonder Woman, a wordy title designed to distance it from a terrible first effort a year or so earlier in which a blonde, tracksuited Cathy Lee Crosby played the super heroine but lacked superpowers, the iconic costume and screen presence (and the famous, catchy theme tune). Even earlier than that, the producers of the campy 60s Batman series sought out fresh TV gold from the pages of comic books and commissioned a short pilot film where Wonder Woman was played as a clumsy, single woman still living at home with her mother in 60s suburbia – the main joke appearing to be that as Wonder Woman she wasn’t nearly as attractive as she thought she was. A distinctly insulting approach for an iconic character. Both these curiosity pieces are available on YouTube if you want to lasso them down.

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What We’re Watching: The Americans

These days, watching TV is a lot like running a triage. With more TV dramas than ever before, we only have the time to let the best ones through, giving each drama a few episodes apiece before deciding its fate. There are those we dismiss on the strength (or lack thereof) of a single episode […]

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Knightmare: A Guest Post by Tony Lee Williams

Knightmare logo

In the Summer of 1998, instead of playing football with my twelve year old friends, I was having a Knightmare. Successfully passing the audition process,  we arrive at the reception of Anglia Studios in Norwich. Here we meet the current team from Oxfordshire (who will go on to be the first team to conquer the dungeon). The production always holds one team in reserve as they never know when the next team will finish.

Taking us down to the studio to begin our adventure, we cross the floor over cables and past cameras to the three stools that sit in front of the chest. Treguard sits behind us and we do a run through of the first room to get rid of any nerves. I look up from the television in the chest, which is the same as for the viewer at home, and see one of the production staff walking around in red slippers.

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What We’re Watching Wednesday: Girls

This isn’t so much a ‘what we’re watching’ as a ‘what we were watching recently’ post. Last month the HBO show Girls finished its second season, and will be returning for a third season next year. Since it came on the air the show has attracted a lot of attention and endless articles in the […]

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