BATTLEFIELD 3: THE RUSSIAN (and an amazing competition!)

We’ve got a rather shameless marketing message to share with you—but it includes a fabulous competition prize and brilliant trailer which we think you’ll enjoy. So, everyone wins (we hope).

Calling all BATTLEFIELD 3 and Andy McNab Fans! Our sister imprint Swordfish are publishing BATTLEFIELD 3: THE RUSSIAN this week. To celebrate we’ve got an exclusive video trailer to share with you, as well as an amazing competition with a chance to win the Ultimate BATTLEFIELD 3 bundle!

From Swordfish: Written by Andy McNab and Peter Grimsdale, this is the most ambitious, and, substantial thriller ever to be published alongside a game. It is the best in its class. Never before has there been such a close, two-way collaboration between an author and the creators of the game itself. SAS hero, McNab, has used Battlefield 3 as his starting point to write a story that breaks new ground and can’t be found within the game. Having advised the gamemakers on modern warfare, he is the perfect person to continue the story. Displaying all of his trademark grit, authenticity and insight, BATTLEFIELD 3: THE RUSSIAN is a scorching top-of-the-line military thriller and a heart-stopping race against time . . .

Want to get your hands on the Ultimate BATTLEFIELD 3 Bundle, including a copy of BATTLEFIELD 3: THE RUSSIAN (signed by Andy McNab), a copy of BATTLEFIELD 3 the video game and much more? Visit our competition page for details.