Friday Reads: Crown of Embers

This week I’m winding my way through The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson. It’s no secret how much I adored Fire and Thorns. I wrote about it here

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of The Crown of Embers. Rae Carson does not disappoint! I love Elisa’s journey as a character. I am so freaking Team Hector it’s not even funny. But I have to say the moment I read about Hector I swooned a little. And not just because I’m a classics nerd and have always had a crush on Hector (Sigh, I’m such a classics nerd. I love Hector, what’s not to love about the soldier who comes home to the wife and baby and is still so
freaking kick butt?).  

But, I digress. The Crown of Embers picks up where Fire and Thorns ends. Elisa is a widow and now the Queen of a foreign country. She doesn’t know who she can trust. Her enemies attack her like ‘ghosts in a dream’ and she’s still finding her footing as this new woman she has become. She has a growing attraction to her captain of the guard Hector (who is lovely and hot and not at all married like his classical counterpart) and there’s this great destiny that God has decreed for her, plus a country to run and a seven-year-old to step mother. Elisa herself is barely seventeen and her life is so fraught with challenges as a reader you wonder why she doesn’t ‘pull a Bella’ and hibernate for a few months? Oh, that’s right, because Rae Carson is a genius and wouldn’t allow a strong female character to do that. 

Did I mention Rae Carson is a genius? She is. 
I can’t say more at the risk of spoiling this book. All I’ll say is this: read Fire and Thorns. Then read The Crown of Embers. Then let’s chat. You can find me here on the blog or on Twitter @gennmcmenemy. I seriously can’t wait to hear what you think.