Cover Reveal: The Cathedral of Known Things

We are delighted to reveal the stunning cover for Edward Cox’s new novel The Cathedral of Known Things.

Return to the world of The Relic Guild for a remarkable chapter in this epic fantasy trilogy!

Divided, hunted and short on resources, the surviving members of the Relic Guild are in real trouble. Their old enemy, the Genii, and their resurrected master have infiltrated Labrys Town and taken over the police force.

So the Relic Guild must flee their home, and set off on a dangerous journey across the worlds of the Aelfir. One that will lead them to a weapon which might destroy the Genii. Or the whole universe…

And forty years before all this, the war which led to the fall of the Genii continues. And what happens to the Relic Guild during that conflict will change the course of their desperate flight.

The wonderfully talented Chris Gibbs is again the artist here, and we think he’s come up with something wonderful, matching the style of The Relic Guild while conveying the darker, more intense feel of the second book.

So, without further ado, here is the cover . . . .



Stunning right? And look how lovely it goes with the first book in the series, The Relic Guild.











The Cathedral of Known Things will be out in bookshops and online on the 15th October. Until then, catch up with the series with a look back at the first chapter of The Relic Guild.

The Relic Guild by Edward Cox Extract