Cover Blurb copy reveal for TRUTH AND FEAR

truth and fearTRUTH AND FEAR, the sequel to the sensational WOLFHOUND CENTURY.

I’m delighted to be able to give you a sneak (and, if you’ve not read WOLFHOUND CENTURY, spoilerific) preview of the blurb for Peter Higgins’ explosive sequel to his first novel.

I was so thrilled to read TRUTH and to realise that Peter’s new book more than lived up to the promise of his first novel (a book I loved so much). We see old friends and enemies again, meet new people and watch Vlast slide into a terrible war. All engineered beautifully toward an utterly explosive climax.

I’ve worked out what it is that makes Peter Higgins so special for me as an author. I don’t know anyone else able to deploy such dreamlike and artistic prose in the service of a story that has such a vice like grip. Whatever else this novel is (and there has been much debate over just what sort of books Peter is writing), TRUTH AND FEAR and WOLFHOUND CENTURY alike are consummately artful pieces of prose that nail you onto a steam train of a plot.

They are like nothing I’ve read before.

Oh, and if you do go on to read TRUTH AND FEAR? Watch out for Uncle Vanya…