The Gollancz Festival 2015 – Live

The Gollancz Festival is here! Join us all day as we celebrate with an exciting programme of digital events.

9:30am– Show us your #FestFace. Share your festival game faces with us on on Pinterest.

10:30am– Have you got a question for the Gollancz Team? Watch our #AskGollancz Hangout here.

12:30pm– Our One Star Reviews are back! Find them here.

13:30pm– Are the omens good? Try our Good Omens quiz for the chance to read a copy signed by Neil Gaiman here.

14:00pm– If you miss our Periscope from the bus it’s here.

15:00pm– Our Wild Cards panel can be found here.

15:30pm– Alastair Reynolds took over our twitter from New York, check out his answers and antics on our Twitter.

16:30pm– Real World vs Second World Fantasy – the debate is here!