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In Dark Service: Chapter One

In Dark Service- preorder nowHappy Friday, Gollancz Blog Readers! We’re delighted to share with you the first chapter of Stephen Hunt’s incredible novel In Dark Service. In Dark Service is our book of the month and Gollancz Geeks title for May so you will be hearing a lot more about it over the next few weeks. In Dark Service is also one of our 2014 Gollancz Debuts so you can preorder your copy now for just £1.99! Be quick bcause our price crash ends on the 23rd May!

But, what is In Dark Service about? We thought you might ask that . . .


Son of the Morning: Chapter Four

This week we’ve got the final chapter in our part-serialization of Son of the Morning to share with you. If you missed our previous posts you can catch up with prologue and chapter one, chapter two  and chapter three. Return to Mark Adler’s glorious world of angels and devils. Click here to read Son of the Morning Chapter Four. Son of the Morning is out now. You can pick up your copy from your local bookshop. . 


Wolfhound Century: What the Geeks thought

We promised you some Geeks reviews, and we will deliver! Sometimes Gollancz is just fashionably late, okay? Last week we shared what reviewers and other authors were saying about Wolfhound Century, to celebrate the paperback publication, but now it’s the turn of our Gollancz Geeks. If you’ve read Wolfhound Century, let us know what you thought in the comments below! Gollancz Geeks on Wolfhound Century ‘A fantastically well written, brilliantly imagined world, set in a Russia, that may not be a Russia, Peter Higgins builds his world deftly and populates his world with characters and hidden worlds that are living…


The Wolfhound Century is here!

Wolfhound Century, a 2013 Gollancz Geeks title, is out now in paperback and we’ve got a special blog post from the book’s editor, Simon, to share with you.  Anyone unfortunate enough to be around me over the past year or so has had to put up with me wittering on about a book. A book I love so much that I simply haven’t been able to shut up about it since I was lucky enough to acquire it. I could go on about it again now, about the beautiful prose, about the stunning imagination, about how it taps into the deep…