Anna Caltabiano

Anna CaltabianoAnna Caltabiano was born in British colonial Hong  Kong and educated in Mandarin Chinese schools before moving to Palo  Alto, California; the mecca of futurism. She lives down the street from  Facebook in the town where its founders reside, along with the pioneers  of Google and Apple.

The Seventh Miss Hatfield is out in July 2014.


I find myself the Associate Publisher of Gollancz with no clear idea of how I got here but fairly sure I enjoyed the journey. There was some college, a lot of bookselling and a bit of marketing along the way but that was a long time ago. I’ve been editing since 1991. I’ve always read SF, Fantasy and Horror but I’ve always enjoyed reading other stuff as well. I’ve published other stuff too but never had as much fun doing it as I have publishing genre books. I’m very happy doing what I’m doing; to the extent that I’ve been comprehensively ruined for doing anything else. Anything else may have got off lightly. I’m definitely more Arthur Dent than I am Takeshi Kovacs. But then if anyone in publishing tells you they’re like Takeshi Kovacs they are LYING.