Michael J. Ward

Michael Ward has been writing and gaming for as long as he can remember. For him, DestinyQuest is a fusion of those two passions. For now, there has to be a day job – and his is working freelance, writing education materials for teachers and children. Prior to going freelance, he was the Senior Editor of CHILD EDUCATION magazine.


Gillian Redfearn is the Deputy Publishing Director. She joined the team in 2004 and isn't sure she's left the office since. She loves travel, challenges and good fantasy novels, hates being bored and is largely ambivalent about chocolate. When not working in the Gollancz Dungeons she reads, practises archery, knits, conducts a never-ending war against her garden and doesn't spend enough time in the gym . . . You can follow her on twitter: GillianRedfearn
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  • The Witcher Reader

    So basically, at this rate, Gollancz will be done publishing the English editions of Sapkowski’s The Witcher franchise sometime in 2040?

  • Wiedzmin

    Of interest – when is the planned date for The Time Of Contempt? I believe I saw a december 27th on here a while back and then it was taken off? (the August date is long gone)

    Also, I have noticed another company (orbit books) will be publishing on dec12th – how is this going to be working?