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Waterstones presents The Gollancz Festival 2014; Room 1

6-6.15pm: Patrick Rothfuss reading

6.15-6.45pm: The sense of wonderment in SF with Adam Roberts, Connie Willis, Hannu Rajaniemi, and Gavin Smith, Jaine Fenn (chaired by Simon Ings)

6.45-7.15pm: Are there thematic differences between SF and fantasy? with Paul McAuley, Tom Lloyd, Stephen Hunt, Chris Wooding, Suzanne McLeod (chaired by Jaine Fenn)

7.15-7.45pm: Is fantasy by definition consolatory? with Ben Aaronovitch, Peter Higgins, James Barclay and Joanne M. Harris (chaired by Sarah Pinborough)

Waterstones presents The Gollancz Festival 2014; Room 2

6-6.15pm: Joanne M. Harris reading and discussion of the use of different narratives as a means of exploring stories

6.15-6.45pm: Joe Hill interviewed by Sarah Pinborough

6.45-7.15pm: The Class of 2014 with Den Patrick, Jon Wallace, Ed Cox and John Hornor Jacobs (chaired by Gillian Redfearn)

7.15-7.45pm: Pat Rothfuss solo talk and Q&A


A mass signing beginning at 7.45pm, immediately after the panel events, will be open to attendees of both rooms and non-ticket holders.

Those unable to travel to London can pre-order signed stock directly from Waterstones Piccadilly.

Visit http www.waterstones.com/events  or call 020 7851 2400.

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