Justin Cronin discusses his passion for Science Fiction

Justin Cronin, author of bestseller The Passage and its sequel The Twelve, discusses his passion for Science Fiction and his inspiration for the Virals.

About The Twelve:

It seemed like a good idea at the time . . .

Infecting twelve death-row prisoners with an ancient virus, in order to create human weapons. Instead, the virus turned them into ravening, unstoppable monsters. And when the Twelve broke out of the underground facility where they had been born, all hell was truly unleashed.

In a world now ravaged by the viral plague, humanity is reduced to stubborn pockets of resistance. But if the human race is to have a future, survival is not enough. Against terrifying odds, they must hunt down the Twelve and destroy them in their lairs.

 But something is wrong. The virals’ behaviour is inexplicably changing. And all the clues point towards the Homeland, a sinister dictatorship where an unlikely trio are re-imagining humanity’s destiny: Horace Guilder, a veteran of the original experiment with a blood-curdling vision of immortality; a mysterious woman whose tragic past has driven her into a world of fantasy; and Lawrence Grey, a man whose hunger for intimacy has been fulfilled in the most gruesome way imaginable.

 And then there is Amy. The Girl From Nowhere. Once the thirteenth test subject, and now the only human who can fathom the Homeland’s secret and truly enter the hive minds of the Twelve.

 But what she finds there may spell the end of everything.

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The Twelve is out in hardback in the UK on 25th October 2012 from our sister imprint Orion Fiction.