15 Reasons To Read James Barclay’s Dawnthief

DawnthiefTo celebrate the 15th birthday of James Barclay’s Dawnthief, Gollancz Publishing Dire
ctor Gillian gives us 15 reasons to start reading it right now.

1)      Because this is fantastic, action-filled fantasy adventure

2)      No need for any coming-of-age stories: get straight into the action with seasoned warriors

3)      Because The Raven and fantasy’s favourite mercenaries – and they’re just like you and your bickering friends

4)      Hold your breath when the fighting gets serious – our heroes are brilliant, but they’re not immortal

5)      Because you can be part of the team as they literally pick their battles – and choose which side to take

6)      Learn why James Barclay is ‘the Sergio Leone of the genre’ (According to SFX!)

7)      Because you can meet The Unknown Warrior – a formidable and mysterious fighter

8)      Get to grips with Denser, the tricky mage

9)      Because Hirad Coldheart is the most loveable, emotional barbarian in fantasy ever

10)   Dive into battle with Erienne, a lore mage with amazing abilities

11)   Because you can dodge flaming arrows, water spells and traps with Jandyr, the elven bowman

12)   Perfect if you love RPGs or Dragon Age!

13)   Because James Barclay’s dragons are cooler than anyone elses’ (so he says . . . )

14)   Watch out for an awesome dragon

15)   Because everyone loves a proper, ripping yarn!

Dawnthief is available now in paperback and eBook from Gollancz.