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M. D. Lachlan

M.D. Lachlan is the author of the Wolfsangel series (Wolfsangel, Fenrir and Lord of Slaughter).

Born in Coventry and a graduate of the University of Sussex, M.D. Lachlan has also worked as a journalist.

All three books have been nominated for the David Gemmell Legend Awards.

You can follow him on Twitter @mdlachlan

You can also find out more about each of his books by clicking on their titles above.



Gollancz at Eastercon – Satellite 4 is go!

It’s the Easter weekend, which means all right-minded people are off work and spending time trapped in ridiculous travel delays. Not Gollancz, though – no, we’re in Glasgow for Eastercon, the annual four-day celebration of all things SF (and beer!). Don’t forget to vote for the BSFA awards if you’re here!

Attending from Gollancz are Gillian Redfearn, Sophie Calder and Marcus Gipps. Do come and say hello if you see us pottering around.

So, here’s a list of where Gollancz and our … More

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2014: The Continuing Series

In the last of our series of sneak peeks at Gollancz’s 2014 schedule, our focus turns to ongoing series. We’re thrilled as always to have so many authors and series returning, and the books below are all eagerly awaited by their fans. If you haven’t tried any of these series yet, you’re missing out!

Metro 2034

Metro 2033 – the novel on which the best-selling computer game was based – has been a sleeper hit for … More

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Friday Reads: Son of the Morning

We’ll be talking about Son of the Morning by Mark Alder (M.D. Lachlan) a lot more later in the year. But the book is fresh in my mind now so I thought I’d pass on a little of the excitement I felt when reading it.

Mark Alder is the pen-name of M.D. Lachlan. M.D. Lachlan is writing a dark and involved multi-volume series about werewolves, Vikings and Mad Gods. Mark Alder is writing a vast, multi-volume, boisterous … More

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MD Lachlan on the particular perils of historical fantasy

MD Lachlan is an unlikely Viking, an unlikely 15th century Princess, a possibly even more unlikely werewolf. He’s a loquacious, good humoured journalist and stand-up comedian. Actually, come to think about it the last two require research. Perhaps that’s why he’s the perfect man to write historical fantasy. Here he writes about the delights and dilemmas of researching your novel.

You might want to read Wolfsangel by MD Lachlan. Or you could wait for the mystery new project. Or … More

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MD Lachlan 60 Second Interview

In celebration of the David Gemmell Award long-lists being published, Gollancz is thrilled to be running a series of interviews-in-sixty-seconds with as many long-listed authors as we can get our hands on. Today we’re delighted to talk to M. D. Lachlan, author of Wolfsangel, Fenrir which is nominated for Best Fantasy Novel 2011) and the forthcoming Lord of Slaughter. We caught up with him, and took a moment to ask a few questions . … More

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