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Nathan Hawke

Nathan Hawke is a British writer of fantasy fiction. He has worked variously in the City, as a consultant to the police and to the services. He has travelled in the far east, worked for a time in Las Vegas, was briefly involved in video game design, and once skied off a mountain under a parachute for a bet. His current ambitions include rafting the Colerado River and walking the Milford Track. The Gallow series are his first novels.

A few thoughts on where heroes come from

Nathan Hawke burst onto the fantasy scene in 2013 with the publication of his first trilogy – three fast-paced, hard-hitting novels about Gallow, an honest man trying to do good in a world where no-one trusts or likes him. Heavy on the Viking influence, but with a pleasing spark of magic. The books got great reviews from fantasy authors such as James Barclay and Tom Lloyd, but also from historical fiction legends Conn Iggulden and Giles Kristian.

Today, … More

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Last year Gollancz published three short, brutal novels featuring Gallow, a fighter from a not-un-viking-like culture with a strong sense of justice and a big axe. Having decided to remain behind in the land he and his comrades invaded and ravaged, as the first book (GALLOW: THE CRIMSON SHIELD) begins he’s just about managed to carve out a life of peace for himself, despite the distrust and suspicion of his new village. But then he learns that his … More

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Happy publication day to Gallow: Cold Redemption

Over the last couple of months we’ve been celebrating the launch of Nathan Hawke’s Gallow series with lots of brilliant extracts and short stories. Today marks the publication of the second book, Gallow: Cold Redemption, and if you’ve missed out you can catch up on all the other short stories and extracts here. Enjoy!

9 – Valaric the Wolf

Location – Tarkhun

Falgir Longarm raised a hand and stopped walking. Behind him thirty Lhosir warriors … More

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Gallow: Cold Redemption extract

Last month we published Gallow: The Crimson Shield, and have been sharing some of Nathan Hawke’s short stories with you. Here we have an extract from Gallow: Cold Redemption, the second in the series which is out next week, and if you’ve missed the other brilliant short stories so far you can catch up here. Enjoy!

8 – The Crackmarsh

Location – The Crackmarsh

Reddic ran fast through the cold muddy water-meadows of … More

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Friday Reads: Gallow (with competition!)

As you may know, we’ve recently published GALLOW: THE CRIMSON SHIELD in paperback original, the first of three fast-paced historical fantasies by Nathan Hawke. The second book, COLD REDEMPTION is out in a few weeks, and the last – for now – is out in September.

The covers are kinetic and striking – we’ve tried something different, and there’s no text on the front. We hope they’ll stand out on the bookshelves! If you see one in … More

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